November 5, 2004

MACUILXOCHITL: Five Flower,” the Aztec god of music and dance

A New CD and DVD from La Ley

Veteran Chilean Rock trio, La Ley, has released a new single “Mirate”, a precursor to the November 23rd launching of the group’s new CD/DVD, Historias E Histeria. The new track, penned by band front man, Beto Cuevas, was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Humberto Gatica.

The group was at the forefront of the Spanish rock movement in the early nineties when they and other early rock groups made Spanish speaking fans proud to sing along with their slick and highly commercialized anthems.

“Our job is to make music that our fans want to hear,” says Cuevas. “We don’t like to preach to our fans, that’s not our job. But if while we are doing that, we provoke a fan to think beyond their everyday world, then that’s incredible.”

Along with “Mirate,” “Bienvenido al Anochecer” and “Histeria” make up the entirety of new material found on the anthology which also includes 13 of La Ley’s most important hits. The CD will be made available on it’s own or in a double pack with a special DVD of all of the band’s videos, including a special narration by Cuevas which provides his spontaneous reactions to watching the videos back to back, his observations and, sometimes hilarious memories of events connected with the songs and videos.

Look for the multi-million selling and Latin Grammy winning act will be in the U.S. and Latin America to promote the new music, CD and DVD, and will tour in early 2005.

Superlitio Continues on Home and Back

Funky Colombian rockeros, Superlitio are finishing up the year much in the same successful fashion as they began it. So far, the band has released their US debut, Tripping Tropicana, had a #1 Latin alt/rock single, been nominated for a Latin Grammy (Best New Artist) and was most recently invited to perform at the 10th anniversary of the largest music festival in South America, Rock Al Parque. The 3 day festival, held in Bogota, Colombia between October 30 and November 1st with anticipated crowds of 80,000-100,000 people. This year’s line up included Robi Draco Rosa, Kinky, Café Tacuba, Andrea Echeverry (Aterciopelados) among others.

Although the group is not unfamiliar with the festival, Superlitio’s memerbs were extremely excited to be a part of it again this year. Lead singer Mauricio Campo noted, “We couldn’t wait to get to Bogota to play and see all of the other bands. People come to our country from all over the world every year for Rock Al Parque and this year it was especially an honor since it was the festivals 10th anniversary.” Following the festival, the band plans to return for a hometown show with Café Tacuba on November 2nd in Cali, Colombia.

While Superlitio’s second single from Tripping Tropicanna, “Perdoname,” has just been released in the US and is picking up steam all across the board, the band is still anxiously awaiting the album’s release in both South America and Europe Both English and Spanish stations stateside are embracing the group as are many college stations. Due to the growing success of “Perdoname,” plans are currently underway for the band to return to the US for another set of live dates with details to be announced shortly.

The band has also recently received the honor of being sponsored by Gibson Guitars and are anxiously awaiting brand new guitars and basses in Colombia!

Jaguares to Perform at Amnesty International Benefit for Women of Juarez

Amnesty International and Jaguares have announced a benefit concert featuring the multi-platinum Mexican rock band to help bring more attention to the unsolved murders of nearly 400 young women in Juarez, Chihuahua. For more than a decade, Juarez and Chihuahua, near the Mexico-US border, have been killing fields for young women. Many of the victims were raped and mutilated.

The concert is to be held on Thursday, December 2, 9 p.m. at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. Tickets are on sale now.

As part of a broad effort to end violence against women, Amnesty International’s Justice for the Women of Juarez concert includes support from members of Congress, women’s groups, labor, business, religious and community leaders, social justice and human rights organizations, artists, celebrities, elected officials, and media representatives.

Jaguares is performing for free and the House of Blues is donating the venue and covering expenses so that all proceeds from the concert will support Amnesty International’s work to bring justice to the women of Juarez. Jaguares has been working to promote this issue for many years. Some 100,000 signatures were collected in California alone by the band’s fans..

“Jaguares is participating in Amnesty International’s benefit concert to help return dignity to the women of Juarez and to resolve this problem that has become a catastrophe. To do nothing would be to take part in the murders as well,” said Saul Hernandez.

Hernandez added, “The government isn’t doing enough to resolve this problem. We have to be the ones who generate change. It’s important that people know their rights and use their right to denounce wrong doings. This may seem very idealistic, but I believe in a just world. Until I die, I will shout about these issues.”

Women of Latino Music

Putumuyo Music presnts an evening of fine music to promote its new CD , Women of Latin Music. The concert features Colombiana, Toto La Momposina, Chilena Mariana Montalvo, and Brazilenia, Belo Velloso and will be held this Sunday, November 7, at 8:00 p.m. at U.C.S.D.’s Mandeville Center Auditorium.

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