November 5, 2004

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Darkness in the USA

The day (Nov. 3rd) began cloudy here in Washington, D.C. either because of the weather or because of what took place yesterday. Today the United States experienced another Black Tuesday. Bush has been reelected once again in an unclear fashion, and the nation awoke more divided than ever. What awaits us during the next four years? What can we expect from Mr Bush?

By all indications, he offers more death and destruction around the world. Given his arrogant and self-righteous attitude, we can expect to see new criminal wars that will make all of us victims of his hubris. Using the war against terrorism as his pretext, he will send many more innocent victims either to prison or to the graveyard.

How many children will die? How many women and elderly people? How many American families will be destroyed? How many children around the world will lose their parents? How much blood will it take before the American people understand and act out of conscience in order to reestablish the universal value of respect for life?

Today tears fall from my eyes when I hear about more victims in Iraq and I think that Bush will continue this massacre. I weep as I remember my son Jesus and his fellow soldiers who have died because of Bush. And I am filled with fear to think about the dark future that awaits the world in the next four years if death and destruction rule Bush’s administration. I hope I am mistaken.

May God bless the entire world and protect us from George Bush’s arrogance and lack of humanity.

Fernando Suarez del Solar

Oscuridad en USA

Hoy el día amanecio nublado aquí en Wa-shington DC. no se si por la temporada o por lo acontecido el día Martes. Hoy USA vivió otro Martes negro, Bush gana la re-elección presidencial, una vez más, en forma demasiado oscura. El país amaneció dividido en una forma nunca visto en este pais, ¿qué nos espera para los siguientes 4 años?

¿Qué nos ofrece el Sr. Bush?

Todo indica que más muertes, más destrucción alrededor del mundo, con su actitud de arrogancia y prepotencia, estamos expuestos a ver otras guerras criminales alrededor del mundo, estaremos expuestos todos a ser victimas de la soberbia de Bush, con sus excusas del combate al terrorismo tendremos muchas más víctimas inocentes tras las cárceles y sepultados en los panteones.

¿Cuántos niños más morirán? ¿Cuántas mujeres y ancianos morirán? ¿Cuántas familias Norte Americanas serán destruídas? ¿Cuántos niños perderán a sus padres alrededor del mundo? ¿Cuánta sangre más se nesitará para que el pueblo Norte Americano comprenda y actue en consecuencia y restablezcamos los valores universales de derecho a la vida y a la autodeterminación de los pueblos, y juntos, unidos en la justicia y la verdad, logremos tener un país obediente de la vida y el respeto.

Hoy, al ver los resultados electorales, no logro comprender aún, el sistema “Democrático” de USA, donde, por un lado el voto individual dice una cosa, y el “voto electoral” dice otra y da el triunfo a una persona que no es aceptada por el pueblo en su totalidad, ¿cómo es posible que se hable de democracia si aquí en USA no se practica? ¿cómo es posible que el Sr. Bush acepte su “triunfo” si no es aceptado por la gran mayoría del pueblo? Esto solo se ve aquí en USA.

Hoy una lágrima salió de mis ojos al ver que más víctimas murieron en Irak, y de pensar que Bush continuará en ésta matanza, he llorado, si he llorado al recordar a mi hijo Jesús y sus compañeros muertos en manos de Bush, y me aterrorizo al pensar en el negro futuro para el mundo entero en los próximos 4 años, donde, y espero equivocarme, la muerte y destruccion imperarán en este gobierno de Bush.

Que dios bendiga al mundo y nos protega de la arrogancia, soberbia y ceguera de Bush.

Fernando Suarez del Solar

Some observations

I read in the paper that during the exit polls voters overwhelmingly stated that they voted for Bush because of moral issues. I also read that for the first time Latino voters also voted for George W. Bush. I can’t help but scratch my head in dismay because when you look at the research it reveals that in these areas there is a high incident rate of drug and alcoholism, domestic violence, violent crimes and other social ills. These same voters are for the NRA and decry gang violence yet do nothing to pass the laws against a ban on assault weapons. Our police forces across the nation are not only under staffed but under armed. How can they compete with a criminal with an assault weapon? The bible tells us thou shall not kill and to love our neighbors as we would ourselves; yet we rush to war with out a coalition and slaughter anyone in our path including civilians, women and children. Then we wonder why the Iraqi people hate us and have stepped up the involvement of insurgents. Our military can’t identify the enemy, because the people are fighting back and defending their families and what little possessions they have. We pardon millions of dollars in debt to other countries and give away even more to other countries, yet we have families in this country who don’t have health insurance or a roof over their heads and certainly don’t know where their next meal will come from.

I keep hearing all this rhetoric about moral and ethical issues about abortion and gay marriages. I believe there is a double standard that must be pointed out here. People say one thing and do an entirely different thing.

I asked myself and those around me if they felt their life was better off and if they felt safer having Bush in office and a majority of them said no but they were still going to vote for Bush for moral issues. These people are in some of the lowest paid professions with minimal or no health care benefits. What statement is that really making? They are more concerned with who sleeps with whom rather than putting food on their table, having affordable health care and health insurance for each individual. These same people are choosing to care for their elderly parents and loved ones and they are living on fixed incomes. The people, who stand to lose the most, yelled the most and shot themselves in the foot in the end. I believe God helps those who help themselves and clearly a large segment of the population missed the boat on this opportunity.

So now when your benefits are cut off; your child is shipped off to war, you can’t afford to pay for your medications; you can’t afford your taxes; you are a victim of a random act of violence, your job has been outsourced to another country and you can’t make that car payment, social service, public service organizations, schools and other institutions are closed to you I ask you to look in the mirror because you have no one to blame but yourself. You did this in the name of religion so now I want to see your church meet all of your needs. You followed the lead of your clergy and they lead you down a path not of righteousness but of pain and suffering. Let this be a lesson to you to do your own homework. Don’t be lead astray, lead the fight for justice in all walks of life, not just for the elite.

Joyce Ruff-Delgado
via e-mail

An Open Letter to My Fellow Americans,

The election may be over, but our work is just beginning. Today, as Kerry supporters grieve and Bush backers celebrate, we are told to “let the healing begin.” I am here to remind you that “healing” doesn’t mean to roll over and play dead or to accept another’s belief system. As Merriam Webster’s dictionary states, to heal is to restore to a state of original purity and integrity. Integrity will come as we Americans, regardless of our party affiliations, raise our voice loudly declaring our values, as we engage in healthy debates to educate one another, and as we respectfully listen with open ears and hearts to legitimate solutions. I, as a heartbroken Democrat, am motivated more than ever to proclaim my thoughts and opinions in an effort to move our nation in a positive direction. Borrowing words from Dylan Thomas, I will not go gentle into that good night. I encourage you to do the same.

I believe by paying close attention to our politicians we can make a difference. A good friend of mine shared his concern that with all branches of the government trending toward Republican control, we have lost our system of checks and balances. Not so, I replied. The American people are the most important check and balance. We are a force to be reckoned with and we can put the force to beneficial use. Join me in my endeavor to monitor the President, Congress and the Supreme Court. We are a bright, resourceful, powerful people. Let’s put those talents to good use.

Remember, Mr. President, you work for all of us, each and every American, and we are watching.

Nancy Stewart
San Diego

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