November 4, 2005


Lorena Gonzalez for San Diego City Council: District 2

Lorena Gonzalez and District 2 are a good fit. City Council District 2 encompasses the communities of Little Italy, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Old Town, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, the Park West area of Hillcrest, and La Jolla. District 2 is a highly diverse area with an electic mix of residents originating from different ethnic backgrounds. Diverse issues such as the environment, pollution, clean beaches community bonding, the arts, and the development of sound business ethics are of up-most importance.

District 2 has been scared by Cheetah Gate and the subsequent conviction of their Councilman Michael Zucchett. You now have a Council District that wants and needs a candidate that can bring respect back to the City of San Diego.

City Council District 2 is a major element of what San Diego is! To the millions of visitors that yearly make San Diego a tourist Mecca, the communities, that are a major part of San Diego greatness are located in District 2.

Why do we feel that Lorena Gonzalez is a good fit for San Diego City and Council District 2? Lorena Gonzalez is an Environmental Attorney, who attended Stanford University, Georgetown University, and UCLA School of Law. She served on the California State Lands Commission and is an ex-officio on the California Coastal Commission. She is experienced in government having worked as a Senior Policy Advisor, working on issues ranging from education, labor and the budget.

Gonzales, is knowledgeable on the issues of the district and as vice-president of the Conservation Club, is well versed in the issues of the environment and the protection of our natural resources.

Lorena Gonzalez is a mother of two and is married to a Highway Patrol officer which gives her an intimate understanding to the issues of the working family and of public safety.

Bottom line is, what’s needed in the San Diego City Council are experienced, educated individuals who are prepared to bring a new vision and perspective to a troubled City. The City needs fresh new faces that can bring new hope to the Council Chambers. The City is desperate for innovative and sincere Councilmember’s who are committed to establishing a City Government for the people, by the people, which will be open and sincere in carrying out the business of San Diego.

La Prensa San Diego Board of Editors believes Lorena Gonzalez fulfills all these needs!

Vote for Lorena Gonzalez on November 8.

District 2 San Diego City Council Seat

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