November 4, 2005


San Diego City Council District 8 Has An Opportunity for Redemption

District 8 just doesn’t seem to get the respect that it deserves or requires. For decades now, politicians have seen this district merely as a stepping stone to the next office. This was no more evident then when Juan Vargas in 1996, a month after being elected, announced his desire for higher office. Of course, the ultimate indignity for this district was the Ralph Inzunza case which brought about the need for this special election.

This special election offers the residents of District 8 an opportunity for a new beginning, to elect a representative who has, and has had, the district’s needs at heart. The Mexican American Community and all the residents of Council District merit having an elected Councilperson that will truly represent the communities that make up District 8. We don’t need anymore Carpet Baggers using the Council District Seat for their own personal agendas!

Presumably there are three frontrunners for this seat, Remigia “Remy” Bermudez, Ben Hueso, and Luis Acle, from which, unless one of them receives 50% plus one, there will be a runoff between the two top vote getters.

Of the presumed frontrunners, Luis Acle, a Republican, represents the exact type of politician that this district doesn’t need, an opportunist. Less than six months after being elected to his first ever elected position, as San Diego City School Board member, he announced his candidacy for District 8! Acle has betrayed and subverted his duties as a San Diego Unified School District Board school board member. He is sending the message that our children don’t matter over naked ambition! If he is elected, the School District will be thrown into turmoil! The last thing this district needs, after 7 years of dysfunctional-school management under the Alan Bersin regime, is more instability.

The most important need on the San Diego City Council is to have an open government. Acle represents the exact opposite. In his first and only act as School Board President he conducted a search, in secrecy, for the next Superintendent! It was contrary to the stated desires of the electorate that an open search be made, with input from parents, educators, and the community it serves! Acle, along with the remainder of the Board, agreed to those terms! Mr. Acle’s lack of respect for the voters, who elected him to serve a full term on the School Board and his penchant for secrecy, makes him unqualified to represent the residents for District 8.

Ben Hueso. This is Hueso’s second campaign for public office. In his first try, he ran for the San Diego Unified School Board. He lost the race to Mr. Acle. Within District 8, he polled more voters than Acle did. However, the School District Board races are contested citywide whereas city council seats are district only. The most opposition to Mr. Hueso was generated by his close ties with Ralph Inzunza. His ties with Inzunza made many within the community uncomfortable with him. Hueso lost that race. But it was hoped that he had recognized the problem with his campaign and would move to separate himself from the Inzunza- Juan Vargas machine and step out on his own, be his own man.

Ben Hueso, is still associating his campaign for District 8 City Council Seat, and has attached to the Vargas/Inzunza political machine to bolster his campaign. The candidate who will represent District 8 needs to be an independent voice that will bring back pride to this community. With Hueso, there will always be the specter of Ralph Inzunza hanging over this office and it will be politics as usual.

Of the three front runners Remigia “Remy” Bermudez, represents the best opportunity to bring back dignity to the Council Representative Chair for District 8. Remy Bermudez’s personal story reflects that of many within the community. She came to the United States at the age of 8, not knowing English, and having to learn in a school system, that at the time did not have any bilingual programs to help young students such as her self. Despite this, she and many like her, have overcome the obstacles, and learned how to succeed, not only in school, but in life.

Remy attended San Diego State University where she earned her Masters Degree. She spent more than 20 years in government where she worked in the city’s Planning Department, in two independent corporations of the City’s Redevelopment Agency, and in the San Diego Association of Governments.

Remy has been involved with her community, the Hispanic community, and District 8 all her life in various capacities and through her volunteer work with the Sherman Heights Revitalization Team, the Neighborhood Development Corporation, and the Girl Scouts to name a few. She has worked to bring about change within the community with no other goal than to make District 8 a better place to live.

And not to forget the hard work it took to get through elementary school. Remy Bermudez went back to school and got her teaching credential as a bilingual educator to become an elementary school teacher, coming full circle. It is this lifetime of experiences, education, and understanding of the issues within the district that makes her the best person to represent District 8.

Remigia “Remy” Bermudez will bring stability and a sense of integrity back to Council District 8.

The Editorial Board of La Prensa San Diego Endorses Remy Bermudez For San Diego City Council Representative for District 8!

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