November 3, 2000

Political Reflections

Al Gore vs G.W. Bush

For those that don't `comprende' the `por qué' of El Jefitos endorsements... Well, you just haven't been reading La Prensa San Diego regularly... so shame on you!

Races: Al Gore over G.W. Bush: All politics is local. This this a cute way of saying "how well did the local elected políticos respond to your concerns?"

In San Diego that breaks down to: "Where the Republican elected officials, which the majority in our region are, attentive to our needs or concerns? Did they respond to our pleas for representation? Did they work in our best interests? Did they lobby in your behalf? If they didn't then YOU DON'T SUPPORT THEM. Al Gore running under the Democratic banner clearly rates your support... and if you don't remember why... Look up the headlines on Duncan Hunter, Bilbray, Packard, Cunningham and Susan Gold-ing. Or if you really are a glutton for punishment go back to the idyllic days under Governor Pete Wilson then walk to la frontera and check out all the crosses on the Border fences! Or better yet, ask yourselves: are we really poor and live in Barrio Logan, Shell Town, San Ysidro, Encanto or any other number of slums BECAUSE WE LOVE BEING POOR OR UNEDUCATED?

Last time I looked G.W. Bush fixed the party label of REPUBLICAN to his application to run for President! Question asked... Question answered!


Political Reflections

Why We Like Frances O'Neill Zimmerman

Tonja L. McCoy & Augie Castille

Since the take over of the San Diego Unified School System, by the Chamber of Commerce, their made Superintendent, the hiring of New Yorkers, the firing of school aides, dismissal of quality Principals and elimination of any who disagreed with their "BUSINESS PLAN" has led to chaos. Their financing power and control of the Main Media has led to their placing of their dupes on the School Board of Trustees. Education has become inconsequential to their main goal: TAKE CONTROL OF THE MONEY MAKING MACHINES that school districts represent! Billions are at stake in the educational systems of the state. The education of our children are an encumbrance that means little to them. MONEY IS THEIR GOAL!

Control of our schools must be ripped out of the hands of these unscrupulous Corporate sharks. The education of our children should be in the hands of the PROFESSIONAL EDUCATORS and Administrators and taken out of the hands of the exploiters of our educational system.

La Prensa San Diego recognizing the danger to our school systems urges you to remove the puppets of the downtown interests, who already have the city treasury under their control. You must vote for ZIMMERMAN, McCOY, & CASTILLE.

Remove Lopez, Ottinger and reject Dubick. They are control by the insidious non-educational `WIDGET MAKERS'!

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