November 3, 2000

Al Gore Gets Our Vote For President!

It's time to stand up and be counted! The Editorial Board of La Prensa San Diego in the best interest of our nation, our state, our county, city and in the best interests of our `familias' and `hijos,' endorse `con orgullo' VICE PRESIDENT AL GORE to be the next President of the United States of America and Senator AL LIEBERMAN to be his Vice President.

As one of the largest voting minorities in the State of California, Mexican Americans, Latinos, and Hispanics need to remember the harsh and often brutal treatment of our people by the Republican state office holders, from the former Governor, Pete Wilson to the Ultra-Right wing extremists in local elective office throughout the state, county and city. At each occasion, our people were denied opportunity to education & economic success, equal justice, social acceptance and carried the onus of insufferable racism and discrimination.

Our families have been the lowest paid, worse educated, and have suffered the inequities from a health system that cared more for the bottom line than the health and well being of our people. If it hadn't been for the efforts of President Bill Clinton and Al Gore, and their administration, our suffering and alienation at the hands of former President George Bush and President Ronald Reagan helped along with the ultra-conservative Republican controlled Congress, America's minorities, and working class Whites, would now be at the same level of existence as the citizens of most of the third world nations of the world.

Unions, teachers, bankers, doctors, lawyers, businessmen etc. all vote and support for what is in their best interests. Mexican Americans, Latinos, Hispanics, Blacks, the working class, and all other disfranchised minorities should do the same and vote for the candidates that are in their best interest. In this election year AL GORE and JOE LIEBERMAN are in our best interest to be the next President and Vice President of America!

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