November 3, 2000

Dick Murphy vs Ron Roberts

By Daniel Muñoz

Good thing the Mayor's race is non-partisan! Both candidates are Republicans. So, we `gota' choose one or the other or stay home. There was a time when Ron Roberts looked like a pretty good "compassionable Republican," that was when he still lived in Linda Vista. Somewhere along the line, he decided Linda Vista wouldn't do for him. Besides Floyd Morrow had the love and loyalties of the local Democrats and Ron was aced out. Roberts, eventually, ended up as a Supervisor... A Republican Supervisor.

Dick Murphy, San Diego's next mayor?

Meanwhile while Señor Roberts is out making money and buttering up the Republican establishment, a young Dick Murphy is doing the normal young American thing... Going to college, getting married, serving in the ARMED FORCES when his country needed him. Oh, did I mention, Mr. Roberts and Mr. Murphy are about the same age. Some how Mr. Roberts got out of doing his duty during the VietNam War! Que suerte verdad?

Dick did his time in the service, came home to raise his family and went to work. In 1981 Dick was elected to the City Council where he served until 1985 when he was appointed a Municipal Court Judge and elevated to the superior Court in 1989. He remained there until like many of us, he got plain disgusted with the political hi-jinks going on in San Diego.

Meanwhile Roberts was having fun on the Board of Supervisors voting with Bilbray and the other Right-wing Republicans that dominated the Board of Supervisors. Cutting health care for the poor, squandering millions on a trash collection system that never worked, downsizing the county work force so he could pay the upper management obscene wages and ignored the poor, homeless at the same time.

Now Supervisor Roberts wants to be Mayor of San Diego. One big problem with Mr. Roberts is that he learned the Republican way of running for office and begin taking money BIG MONEY from all the "White Caciques" that have taken control of San Diego from Mayor Susan Golding.

When Golding gave away half the city to the Padres and raided the public treasury to the Chargers Judge Murphy just a little upset... But that wasn't his biggest worry. He saw who(m) was Bankrolling Ron ROBERTS for Mayor. City Hall would be in the same hands of the folks that have been controlling Golding if Roberts got elected! `En otras palabras... THEY OWN RON ROBERTS. You like the last eight years THEN vote for Roberts and have a ball! We prefer to take a chance with a man that has integrity, honesty, and belongs to no one. That someone is DICK MURPHY.

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