May 31, 2002

Notas de la Política.....

Sorry Gente, the political hunting season begins. In our continuing effort to educate the electorate from our communities, La Prensa San Diego will start running “tidbits” on candidates for public office and on propositions to provide you with the information that you will need to make a wise choice come November. OK aquí vamos!

President Bush on May 21 stated: “He favors inclusiveness. Everything he says (Pres. Bush) repudiated what (Governor candidate) Bill Simon stands for” on the controversial issue of Prop 187. Bill Simon was quoted as saying “ He supports the concept of the “anti-illegal immigration measure (Prop187) and he would have legal experts look at it”… should he become governor! (San Francisco Chronicle May 2, 2002).

Governor Gray Davis is pulling in campaign donations at the rate of $1,800 per hour, 24 hours a day for the past five years! (San Francisco Chronicle. May 19, 2002)

“The Right Winger Bill Simon far from helping position (Pres.) Bush for a more competitive California run of his own in ’04 may actually be the catalyst to bring down the entire Republican ticket this fall”... Simon’s handlers seemed unaware that their primary strategy virtually predestined defeat in November. (Tony Quinn, Republican Political Analyst, Op-Ed piece L.A. Times May 13, 2002)

GREEN Party is running a millionaire social investing guru. Peter Canejo, as their candidate for GOVERNOR! Canejo is a Venezuelan American. With liberal dissatisfection with Gov. Gray Davis running high and with nine prominent organization of people of color in a serious flirtation with the Green Party, Davis might be defeated.

Councilman Ralph Inzunza (D) is following in his mentor’s footsteps (Assemblyman Juan Vargas (D) and selling out his Mexican American voters in San Ysidro. Locals have been fighting to get a decent library for their children in an area accessible to them for years. Izunza sold them out. He is going against the wishes of San Ysidrans and is making efforts to have the library placed across town in a new shopping center close to the border and far from the community! How much did you sell out for Ralph??? Perhaps the Mayor ought to put his Ethics Committee to work!

Sweetwater Superintendent Ed Brand just spent $40,000 of Sweetwater School District funds to pay for a so called District magazine over which he has no control! Guess who is the editor? You got it Michael Inzunza (D)! Guess who was there to launch the magazine that will be distributed to all the schools in the district? Lt. Governor Bustamante (D) who certainly must have better things to do! Lets see if I have this straight. The Democrats will get entry into the school district and be able to politicize the voting age students. Do Republicans have the same privilege???? How about it Congressman Duncan Hunter??

Mayor Shirley Horton (R), wannabe State Assemblywoman, just sold out to hardcore Rightwingers of the Republican Party. She has invited the worse enemy that Mexican, Latino, Hispanic Americans can have, to be her “Special Guest Speaker”: PETE WILSON (HCR/Hardcore Republican), to her political reception June 20, in La Jolla, Ca. Horton after being supported by Minorities in Chula Vista has now demonstrated how little character she has.

Bueno this is the beginning keep alerta and informed. Make political decisions on fact and not propaganda from either party!

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