May 27, 2005

¿Qué pasó con el U/T Gente??? The chisme is that “ENLACE” (the U/T so call “Mexican Voice) is in trouble again. Seems no one reads it! The people fronting for the Union Trib. on this effort haven’t got a clue what La Raza on the Northern side of La Línea like to read. From Cubans, to Mexico Mexicans, the U/T has tried them all, but they still don’t get La Onda! Pos, if you need chamba check with the Onion they want a Publisher (bilingual)... Naturally they want someone that can increase circulation & advertising!

Oh, by the way, El Jefito from La Prensa is not available! He wants Real Money!

In case you missed it, KPBS , which is publicly funded, supported by tax dollars, sponsored by San Diego State College, and supposed to be liberal and have equal opportunity, once again snubbed el Jefito. Qué pasa? Is the truth too much for you folks to handle? Hard to believe that San Diego State would support an avid discriminatory Radio/Television Station! La Prensa San Diego which has been publishing for 29 years in San Diego (1976-2005) and been on its own Website since the very first website opened, but has yet to be worthy of the “Muck-a-Mucks that run KPBS for San Diego State!!!!

PREGUNTA: Could it be that because El Jefito is a Graduate of UCSD it sticks in their throats!

Hijole, Gente, would you send your “Esposa” (La Señora Bush) to the war zones to make excuses for your handling of the Iraqi crisis? Crises! What are you looking for President Bush? An excuse for World War III!! Just what would you do if she got fire bombed????

Pregunta: If L.A. can elect a Chicano Mayor (Antonio Villaraigosa) to save the city of Los Angeles, can we not do the same to save San Diego from over 40 years of bungling misrule by Gringo Mayors?

La Prensa San Diego thinks its time for a change. Gringos (White Anglos) have made a mess out of ruling San Diego, since they took over from the Spanish rulers. Being White doesn’t make you superior! It makes you arrogant. Of course being Spanish didn’t really make you very smart either! It just meant you had a horse and a nice sword and rifle. Pero, being Raza makes you “smart”, “arrogant “ and “humble” (That comes from being under the watchful eyes of the Holy Catholic Church!)... Any Chicano willing to jump into the race for Mayor of San Diego?? I would, but my wife won’t let me!! Another little problem we have, in La Raza, our wives rule!

Ok Gente. Push comes to pull… We are rid of Superintendent Alan Bersin (San Diego Unified) and we are now free of Superintendent Ed Brand of the Sweetwater School District. San Diego Unified School District has an enrollment of 137,960 Mexican American students and Sweetwater School District has 39,000 Raza students! Come on Gente (LULAC, G.I. Forum, VFW, MAAC Project, etc, etc,) we need Raza Superintendents that will see our students get educated… Are you willing to sacrifice another generation of Chicano students to Anglo white wash???

To all my Anglo friends… We need you also. But we need our children to see brown faces caring for them! They have to see that we ALSO CARE!!!

Chao mi Gente... Tezzy

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