May 26, 2000


Orale Eddie, no te dejes! Sometimes the spirit is willing pero el cuerpo no puede... Tezzy nunca se raja. He calls it like it is! But, la gente parece que no tiene espíritu. So many of our soul brothers are now so happy taking scraps from the man.

Case in point: Villaraigosa, Bustamente, Ducheny, Vargas, Natividad, etc. etc... El Jefito can only invite you to the well of knowledge... but... he can't make you drink!


Viva la Diferencia! The Davies track record-Or a record of all the times the Governor has turned into a "Saca Moco" !


When he:

## Endorsed- PROP 21, The extreme initiative that sends children to prisons! Pos you know who still believes in family and have a lot of children... La Raza. It's nuestros chama-cos that are sent to the PINTA! Chále con ese maricón!


# Stacked the Parole board with ex-right-wing, unemployed gooos, making it imposible for prisoners, who have a good record, a chance for parole. Of course the majority of the prisoners are Raza and Blacks... Whites don't commit crimes, you know that!


## He blocked efforts to moderate the 3-strikes law! Steal 3 candy bars and you have had it! Te manda a la jodida and you quickly become a guest of Davis' Motel-600 prison suites. Sometimes I think he gets a cut of the room rent.


### He has assured that there be no prison shortage... There is a shortage of affordable housing but he can't help the working poor he rather just wait until they are sleeping on the streets, then has them arrested three times and sends them to prison! Shoot, they have all kinds of rooms in San Quintin, all with bared windows and doors and all kinds of weirdo's to entertain you! Don't cost you anything either.


Tell me one more time why Gore is better than Bush!

Yo... Do you get the feeling we reelected Pipa Wilson again????



¿Quién llamó (called) la Placa against own Raza??? El Centro Cultural new Dictatorship!


¿Quién (who) defaced a Chicano Mural??? Board-member of el Centro.


Who just got refunded by the City Arts group: El Centro Cultural


¿Quién is declaring a `holy jihad' against El Centro Cultural? All the Chicano artists who have painted the world famous bridge murals.


Interested? check out the holy writ on <>

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