May 26, 2000

St. Rita's Honors First Communicants

Six rows of young children ranging in age from eight to 15 kneeled in expectation and anticipation of the Holy rites of Holy Communion.

The Choir composed of Laotians, Vietnamese, Filipinos and Latinos began singing the entrance song as the Monsignor and his assistants march down the isle to the main alter at St. Rita's. The time had come for the young ladies, all dressed in white and young men dressed in black tuxedos, to prepare to commit themselves as young adults to follow and walk in the precepts of their religion.

God’s little angel, Andrea Muñoz

Sister Margaret Castro, who had shepherd the children through through two years of instruction in preparation for their First Holy Communion, was just as nervous as the children were. Sister Margaret had been preparing all her life to work, teach, and prepare the children of the parishes for just this moment.

Finally the moment came and two by two's the children marched to the altar and for the first time in their lives partake of the Host of the Holy Spirit. They now had an opportunity to start out in life as pure as driven snow.

Monsignor Pattison offered the Host to the children and blessed them as their Godparents and Moms and Dads, family and friends beamed with pride. It was a rite of passage for all Catholics... A rite that binds us all together.

As the ritual ended, families left the church grounds and celebrated the Holy event with a celebration for the child and the Godparents. It is a time of joy... A time of happiness... and a time to celebrate the ties that bind us together through life.

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