May 26, 2000

La Voz Politica

It's only the end of May, but the politicos can't wait. It's time to line up the ducks and let the home folks all know who is pouring money into the campaign coffers. At this stage of the game you won't see too many `people' oriented endorsements. Those come later.


The San Diego Firefighters are stating that "they are proud to support Ron Roberts for Mayor." These firefighters they know where the hot spots are at and are ready to man the firelines and douse any dangerous hot spots that threaten their "dinero"!


Representative Brian Bilbray (D) teaming up with maverick Republican, aka former presidential candidate, John McCain to try an burnish up his populist credentials and appeal to the masses on campaign reform. Pregunta Mr. Bilbray; How much special interest monies have you refused for your campaign? Should be fun to attend his town hall meeting June 1 at the Marriot Hotel, 8757 Rio San Diego Drive, San Diego. Come on down after 1:30 PM and ask Señor Bilbray that question!


Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante (D) has his nose right on the money trial. He is the prime sponsor of Senate Bill SBA 1439 that will make the public schools teach indigenous Indian history in our schools. The gambling tribe, the Kumeyaay Nation & the Luiseno Indians are providing the `wampum' to move this bill along. Newly minted Indian Princess, Squaw DeDe Alpert (D), is helping move the bill along and make sure it isn't ambushed along the way. Pregunta: Where have you folks been at during the 25 year struggle to get the Public Schools to teach the history and massive contributions of La RAZA in the founding, settlement, civilizing, and development of these United States???? Not enough PESOS in it for you?


Congressman Bob Filner finally got a little bit of his act together and voted against the China Trade Bill. Filner and Duncan Hunter were among those who recognized the dangers in allowing the trade bill to pass. It will only give the mega-Corporations the opening to sell to China all the military weapons, planes, ships, & high-tech equipment to attack our armies, navies and air forces wherever they wish to confront us. The voracious appetite for the accumulation of money is the main vice that drives this new found love for the Peoples Republic of China. They have little concern for our country. Unfortunately GREED won out. Money is very close to the corporate & political folks. It is too bad that they don't have to go fight the wars their greed gets our country involved in!


Local California Nations Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA) voted to oppose any move by the County of San Diego to take away lands owned by the Jamul Indian Village through the process of eminent domain. Another case of the AGGRESSIVE posture from the gambling-rich tribes in California... Governor Davies will go down in infamy as the Governor who sold out California to the INDIAN GAMBLING INTERESTS. Note the Jamul Indians number less than a dozen members who claim a few blocks in down town Jamul. However the `Back East Boys" who control and run all gambling in the U.S. has already put the residents of this small mountain side rural community on notice that they intend to build a New Jersey type gambling Casino on "their" tribal lands!.....Now what Mr. GOVERNOR and all of you who voted for PROP 1A going to do about this?


Pregunta: Who has historical rights to ALL OF CALIFORNIA, WHICH IS KNOWN AS Atzlan?

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