May 25, 2001

Tezozomoc Speaks


Los estupidos de la "Corte Suprema," those who wear black robes, ruled that marijuana had no medicinal value and, as such, was illegal. Chispas, my Abuelita is turning over in her grave after this ignorante statement! For years she used marijuana (MaryJane) for medicinal purposes - in teas, rubs and a little smoke - and she lived to a ripe old age. After spending her life in the fields and giving birth to 12 kids, she knew a little more about the medicinal uses of MOTA then those 12 pendejos!!


Los Indios tienen un amigo who was diagnosed with cancer. He decided against chemo and tried herbal, part of which included marjiuana. For two years the cancer has been in remission. He is now busy doing Pow-Wows!


Prescription drugs, Qualudes, Uppers and Downers and other deadly drugs, are legal because a doctor prescribed them. La gente are considered criminals for using centuries old cures for aches and pains with far less side effects than ludes.


PREGUNTA: is it because corporate drug companies make mucho dinero off of selling their poison, but make nothing off of MaryJane???


National City Gente are muy upset that city council members are only going to meet once a month. It appears to me that the NC council members are only acknowledging what most of us already know - politicians don't do much of anything anyway, except act self-important! Let's face it, George does it all!


Deep Throat hanging around the halls of National City says: Council Member Nick Inzunza might be in trouble if they ever enforce the no car phone law while driving! Seems last month's cell phone bill topped out over $3200.00! You know ... the bill us poor taxpayers have to foot? Horale Nicky Baby what kind of business you doing on your car phone...City business??? Think not! Doesn't this guy have a job or something that would keep him occupied? Just wondering...


Alan Bersin, the amature Superintendent of San Diego Unified School District, is pushing a proposal to have city schools patrolled by SDPD cops! What's next SUPER? Put iron bars on the buildings???


Denise Ducheny, Ralph Inzunza Jr., (not to be confused with Nick Inzunza of National City, the so-called Kennedy's of San Diego) and Juan "in a million" Vargas are pitted against Congressman Bob Filner in redistricting of South Bay. Ducheny lining up with such light weights makes one wonder que esta pasando aqui?


Sorry to say our gran amigo Ray Medina, the County Notary for ages, has retired. Ray's facing serious surgery.


French CNN/ aka Public radio broadcasting with 100 stations to Latin America called on El Jefito for radio interview early this moning for La Prensa San Diego's take on the Senator Jeffords switch of party and our opinons on its impact "all en español!" (Eat your heart out KPBS San Diego).

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