May 25, 2001


Senator Jeffords Abandons Right Wing Conservatism

President George W. Bush has received a message from "Garcia": FISH OR CUT BAIT! The loss of Senator James Jeffords from the Republican Party, and his rejection of President George W. Bush's policies, is a stunning blow to the Republican Party and to President George W. Bush, personally.

Senate Republicans will no longer be the Chairmen of every senate committee. They will be replaced by Democratic senators who are more in tune with the needs of the country and the majority of its citizens. Whether President Bush is in agreement or not, he will now be forced to move his party's political agenda to a centrist position, or become relegated to being a lame-duck president in the first year of office. The most extreme of his fellow Republicans will have to learn how to control their tendencies and understand that Americans will not tolerate being ruled by a single-minded extremist faction of any political party.

The country will not mourn the removal of Senator Jesse Helms as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. His narrow-minded view of the world will not be missed. Relations with Mexico and the rest of Latin America will warm up with the assignment of Senator Joseph Biden at the helm of this most sensitive committee. President Bush would do well to heed his counsel.

Perhaps with the different perspective that the Democrats will bring to the senate, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will be disinclined to commit the security of this country and the world to his `pie-in-the sky' one-weapon missile defense system. It is always the people in the military, who have to face America's enemies on the battleground, in the air, and on the vast oceans, who pay the price for addled-headed corporate execs who fancy themselves as military geniuses once they get to Washington D.C.

President G.W. Bush, who sided with his corporate energy buddies rather than the State of California and the Nation, will perhaps learn that there are some things more important than the "bottom line." These things are necessary for the survival of the people and the nation. These things cannot be made dependent on the bottom line. That's why we have a national government, to protect those vital interests such as water, air, food supplies, electrical and gas supplies and medical care, to name a few. President Bush sided with the corporate bottom-feeders that would sacrifice the nation for their insatiable greed.

Will the President survive his own party? Perhaps for one term . . . . as a lame-duck President.

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