May 24, 2002

Women Can Learn Strategies for Economic Empowerment at Comprehensive, All-Day Conference

The rise of women-led households has created a growing need for financial planning that meets the unique needs of women. In southeastern San Diego, figures from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), report that 21 percent of the homes in southeastern San Diego are led by women.

To help meet the needs of these and other women interested in developing their financial capacity, the Jacobs Center for NonProfit Innovation hosts the Women’s Financial Forum, an ongoing financial education series for women. On Saturday, June 1, a comprehensive, all-day workshop on smart financial planning will be held at the Jacobs Center from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Women: Planning to Succeed explores the dynamics of women’s financial matters in marriage, after divorce, and as business and homeowners. Protecting assets through wills, trusts, and estate planning -- as well as techniques for good credit management -- will also be discussed.

Leading each topic will be financial experts from the Center for Self-Empowerment, Merrill Lynch Financial Services, Partner-Wells and Hopkins, Consumer Credit Counselors of San Diego, and California Southern Small Business Development Corporation.

The Women’s Financial Forum is a project of the Jacobs Center for NonProfit Innovation, a neighborhood strengthening organization that partners with residents to develop a common vision for community change. The Jacobs Center is the action arm of the Jacobs Family Foundation and is headquartered in the Diamond Neighborhoods, which include Chollas View, Emerald Hills, Lincoln Park, Encanto, Mt. Hope, Oak Park, Mountain View, Valencia Park and Webster.

For additional information on the Women’s Financial Forum, or to reserve a seat, please call 619-527-6161.

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