May 23, 2003

“Buena’s,” mis lectores! No, Tezzy hasn’t left town! He doesn’t work for the City of San Diego! No reason to hide! Este Indio getting the summer blahs! Being a Chicano newspaper in San Diego sometimes is a tough row to hoe.

Shades of Jess Haro & Uvaldo Martinez. You would think that the Bopsi twins Nick Inzunza (current Mayor of National City) and Ralph Inzunza (8th District City Councilman of San Diego) would learn lessons from the past. Nick enjoyed “extreme” negative coverage from the READER. They called him everything but a Slum Lord. Now, the Union Tribune is being very generous in giving Ralph more coverage than he wants. While Mayor Murphy ran for cover, Ralph, and his two other playmates, Councilman Charles Lewis and Michael Zucchet, got more attention from the FBI & U.S. Attorney Carol Lam, then they cared to get. Hijole, The Bopsi twins doing their best to destroy the image of San Diego being Americas Finest County. Chicanos are laughing up their calzones. The whole pueblo knows that the Inzunza children are not 100 percent Raza. Their mother (Hilda McFarland) must be wondering where she went wrong.

MEMO to Big Daddy Ralph Sr.: Are your still claiming that you and your siblings are the “Kennedy’s of the West?.”

Wherein lies the Truth?

Statement#1: In a Commentary, Published in the local San Diego Metropolitan tabloid dated May 19, 2003, titled: Common Post-war Ground” that deals with reasons why Mexico did not support the U.S. in the War on Iraq, Patrick Osio stated: “It should not have been a great surprise that Mexico would be opposed to U.S. military intervention (in Iraq). For decades, nonintervention in the affairs of others has been the cornerstone of its foreign policy.

Patrick Osio
(A Chula Vista, resident)

Statement #2: In a Commentary, published on October 2001 in the local San Diego Metropolitan tabloid, Patrick Osio stated in his Commentary, Dependable Wartime Ally: “Mexico declared war on the Axis powers in May of 1942, established a line of defense along its coastal waters... In addition Mexico sent a group of pilots, called Squadron 201, to the Philippines. They fought there and in the straits of Formosa... ‘Mexicans understand the commitment of supporting Allies.’”(Bold face added).

Patrick Osio
Chula Vista resident

PREGUNTA Mr.Osio: Wherein lies the truth? Has Mexico changed its Foreign policy or has your loyalty for Mexico clouded your perception of the truth?

Por qué/Why don’t we have money for schools, Medical care, College education, affordable Housing, or food for all those that go hungry every night? We are only a nation of 350 million residents living in a country larger than most other countries in the world. America is the richest country around, and yet, somehow there is never sufficient money for our own! Por que?

Facts: Israel with a population about the size of San Diego County, on March 25, 2003 received in President Bush’s Supplemental War Budget, additional funding for Fy2003 of $74.7 billion. This is in addition to the previously approved monies for the State of Israel. Added all together, the USA is kicking into Israel $97.521 billion in financial aid to Israel for FY2003! All these funds go to maintain the Jewish war machine in Palestine.

Pregunta: How much was allocated to the Palestinian State to help them gain the peace??? NADA...ZILCH...NOTHING! Now, do you understand why America is despised in the Middle Eastern countries? Are we being even handed? Is this Democracy in action?

Bueno, you can see that the nickel-dime stuff the local yokels are trying to scam off the system is peanuts, NADA. Que pendejada!

Adios for now.


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