May 20, 2005

Nota to all our compañeros: Sorry to say that Carlos Yañez, well known Chicano, suffered a stroke recently. Carlos worked for a while, with El Jefito at La Prensa San Diego, during the days of the “Movimiento.” He was also a regular at El Centro Cultural, and left his mark on “El Puente,” “Chicano Park,” and in the struggle “All the way to the Bay”! Carlitos was at Grossmont Hospital during the worse of his heart problems. Get well Carlitos; El Jefe still has your art work of Anwar Sadat (Amano 86). Get well soon.

In to chat, with the Editor of La Prensa, was none other than Senator Liz Figueroa (D-10th District) who is on the campaign trail for Lt. Gov. of the State of California! Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante will be out of office at the next General Election. Looks like Senator Figueroa doesn’t want to make the same mistake that Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante made when he ran for Gov. when he ignored La Raza of San Diego and the state. So he lost! To the Editorial Board of La Prensa, Senator Figueroa comes down on the right side of the issues important to the Hispanic/Mexican American community.

On the other hand there is Luis Natividad, who wants to be the next Mayor of National City but just can’t seem to do the right political moves. Las movidas de Luis make little sense.

Superintendent Ed Brand has decided to leave Sweetwater School District for San Marcos. No teary-eye goodbyes here. After 11 years it is time for a change. Brand’s tenure can best be described as being like cotton candy. It is big, pretty, and fluffy but when you bite into it not much substance and kind of sticky. Superintendent Brand hitched his political life to the Inzunza crowd. Bad choice!

Our tireless Leader of the local Chapter of LULAC Bea Estrada unfortunately got into a nasty accident with another car. She was rear ended and got whip-lashed around. The car took a beating, but you can’t destroy a tough “Texas Lady” like Bea. Doctors say she will be Ok!

Este Indio mighty surprised and glad that Antonio Villaraigosa won the Mayorship of Los Angeles! In defeating Mayor James Hahn, Villaraigosa placed the City of the Angels back in the hands of the founders of Califas… La Raza! Not bad for a former High School dropout, who was raised in the barrio and proclaimed his Chicanismo by sporting a tattoo that stated “ Born to Raise Hell”! Antonio won by taking 59 percent of the vote! The Vote was a combination of Raza, Blacks, and disenchanted Whites!

Orale Mike, watch your back! We know you are doing a heck of a job trying to clean up the ungodly mess the Republicans have the City in. Keep punching you have something most people don’t have: Huevos! Villaraigosa (the new L.A. Mayor) and you represent “La Nueva Onda Política.”

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