May 20, 2005

Beyer Boulevard: All aboard a cultural trip around Tijuana and San Diego!

By: Luis Alonso Pérez.

If you are, or were, a San Ysidro or Tijuana traveler, without a car, Beyer Boulevard is a very familiar to you.

For those who don’t know it, or don’t remember it, Beyer is one of the most important trolley stations in San Ysidro. A meeting point for people from Tijuana and San Diegans of all ages, professions, and ethnic backgrounds: Chica-nos, Mexicans, Anglos, Africans, and Asians. All of them traveling north and south in a line of red carts.

The mix and motion of this train stop have been the inspiration of a group of young people dedicated to art, journalism, communication and cultural promotion, who have decided to retake that name and give it a small twist, in order to call themselves: Beyer Boulevard, a bi-national collective of young people interested in the diffusion, interaction and promotion of art and urban culture that is generated in both sides of the broder.

Their mission is similar to that of the trolley: gather, mix, and transport. Their plans are ambitious but possible. Their operational tactics, similar to those of a guerrilla: sudden, organized, and effective. “We want to reach the biggest quantity of people possible, it doesn’t matter their nationality, education or social background” commented Juan Carlos Domínguez, journalist, and member of the Beyer Collective.

“There is a cultural effervescence in Tijuana and San Diego” Domínguez added, “so one of our objectives is to give continuity to this dynamism so it’s not shut down, through new creators who still don’t have the venues, but already have the urge.

“We not only seek to show what is being done, that is being shown enough” commented Roberto Partida, the project’s co-chairman and Juan Carlos’ colleague journalist. “What we really want is motivate youngsters to create something, to those who are already creating, help them to diffuse their work, and finally create a space of interaction between the known artists, the new, and the ones we have to motivate”.

The search already started, and the Beyer Collective is anxious to work themselves till exhaustion, to push forward the artistic creativity and cultural exchange between the sister cities. “We are looking for youngsters with the need to express themselves, even renown artists, to integrate, impulse, and start to generate products that reflect the reality of our border context, be it a poem, a photograph, a short film, etc.” Juan Carlos Domínguez commented.

Beyer Boulevard 1.0 is the name of the event which was the project’s presentation, it took place the past may 6th in the IMSS theater, in Tijuana. Film, dance, photography, music, painting, literature, installation art, and graphic design were united to give the attending crowd a small showing of what the Beyer Collective wants to start.

Side by side, and one after the other the invited artists had the chance to present their material, not mattering their discipline, trajectory, stile, age or nationality, the region’s creators showed that the unifying efforts of Beyer Boulevard are in good route.

But the project is barely beginning, and it has many plans waiting to be fulfilled. One of the first projects they want to do, is an event in one of Tijuana’s most important intersections, each corner will present a different artistic discipline, and while the traffic lights are red, distribute information about the project, as well as their new fanzine, which is in development.

The objective is to transcend the simple event organization, and generate products that rage from compilations and short film showings, to the participation in local media, like radio, television, and press.

With time we aim to create a referent of urban culture in the border, which helps outsiders to know what is happening culture-wise in the region” Partida commented. “So get on board at Beyer Boulevard and will take you on a cultural trip around Tijuana and San Diego” he added.

If you want to know more about the Beyer Boulevard project or if you want to stay up to date with their events, visit their web site: or get in touch through their e-mail:

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