May 19, 2000


Atencion Raz Indios y Gambling Indios; Zachary Runningwolf from the Blackfeet Reservation, is much to busy running to help Native American Agencies to waste time gambling. Runningwolf will run 1500 miles beginning in Oakland on May 23 and end 45 days later in Browning, MT, home of the Blackfeet.Que TAL, CHAIRMAN Antonio Pico? Help the poor in your own nation call Zachary at (510)- 548-7218. Tell him you read it in a Chicano newspaper.


NCLR will be coming to town soon. Look in La Prensa for their publicity.


Lo siento Bill (Guillermo Virchis). "Selena Forever" would have been a big hit with the local gente. Poor ticket sales in Los Angeles forced termination of the touring presentation. Horale, if you purschased tickets turn them in to your original point of purchase for a refund.


Quote from Texas: "Texas has a high teenage pregnancy rate." Texas Health Commissioner" Dr. Reyn Archer says "Its because Hispanics are culturally resistant to the idea that getting pregnant is a bad thing"?????? (Culturally I think Tejanos are estupidos!)


"Cinco de Mayo" breakfast for GOVERNOR BUSH, at a local Mexican Restaurant, was touted as an event for Bush, to attract local Hispanics. 1000 people showed up! 989 Gringos, 6 paid Mariachis & 5 Hispanic Republicans. Don't look good George!


Not fair, some Machos are saying! Rosie O'Donnell was counted as 1000 women at the Million Woman March. Pregunta being asked by gun types: "who do you believe in the Constitution, Rosie O'Donnell or the Supreme Court? Mi pregunta: Who is Rosie O'Donnell?

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