May 19, 2000

San Diego Padres Donate $1.7 Million to Build Expansion for Pediatric Hospital in Tijuana

On April 29, the Hospital Infantil de las Californias held its Annual Telethon at Televisa (Channel 12-Tijuana) in celebration of the Mexican holiday, Day of the Child. Hospital Infantil de las Californias is the only Pediatric Hospital in the Northern region of Mexico.

The 2000 Telethon was a huge success thanks to San Diego Padres owner, John Moores who pledged $2 for every $1 raised through the Telethon. More than $2.5 million was raised for the project. The Mexican Foundation (Fundación Para los Niños de las Californias) raised over $500,000 (US), and the Foundation for the Children of the Californias located in San Diego raised nearly $400,000.

The funds raised from this campaign will go to build State A of the expansion for the Hospital, which will include a pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, blood bank, 12 additional consultation rooms, education center, nutrition department and other program offices. Future buildings (Stages B & C) will include surgery and emergency departments, observation beds, a chapel, play areas, ecological garden, and room for future expansion. This entire project is environmentally designed to take advantage of the natural resources to help reduce operating costs.

Since opening in May 1994, the existing Pediatric Specialty Clinic (3,400 sq. ft.) has provided nearly 40,000 consultations and over 700 surgeries for the children of the region. Currently many families in Mexico must travel hundreds of miles for pediatric medical care. The Pediatric Specialty Clinics of Hospital Infantil provides 39 different pediatric specialties, thanks to over 125 medical professionals who donate their expertise and time at the clinic. There are also nearly 100 community volunteers who donate time—the clinic has only 8 paid staff, and has run a positive cash flow since its second month of operation.

The new building is expected to be completed by next April —in time for the 2001 Telethon. This first stage is one of three for the complete facility named DARTE (an acronym for Diagnosis, Assessment, Referral, Treatment and Education). In Spanish, the word means to give to. We want to give this new modern medical and educational facility to the children of the region.

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