May 19, 2000

San Diego Doesn't Need Any More Monuments

Mayor Susan Golding is being disingenuous in attempting to force the sitting-duck, city council to select a site for a NEW CITY LIBRARY before she leaves office. To leave the new political leadership of San Diego holding the bag on one more of Susan's follies deserves the condemnation by Mayoral candidates Ron Roberts and Dick Murphy. The city's residents have had enough of her self-aggrandizing projects that serve no useful public purpose.

Mayor Susan Golding's legacy to the year 2002-2004 already includes; A bankrupt city treasury that can't make ends meet forcing the city to sell off the Pueblo lands that are held in trust for the general public; An over committed hotel/tourist tax that leaves literally nothing for the next Mayor to use; A city wrecked by sewer problems, water problems, failing street and highway infrastructure; An over developed city which has created nightmarish traffic problems on our streets and highways; Decaying parks, recreation centers, pothalls in all our main streets and a water sytems that erupts at least once a month lately; The squandering of general funds on building baseball parks, football stadiums, and entertainment centers catering to the basest needs of the youth, to name a few.

No, Mayor Golding we need no more monuments to your incredible tenure as Mayor of San Diego. We don't need a central library in a morally decaying center city, far from most libraries that have a need for their services. We do need a real central library that will be located where the center core of the existing libraries are and not in the center of the tourist industry, or the liquor-driven center of the city .

City Council members, who have a shred of decency and pride left should reject this blatant SELF-SERVING political move by Mayor Susan Golding and allow the next Mayor and City Council a chance to put our city back on track to greatness.

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