May 18, 2001

Bullfight World...
by Lyn Sherwood

El Glison to Perform in Spain!

Several years ago, when Mexico's clown prince of bullfighting, Jorge de Jesús "El Glison" was attracting crowds who were anxious to see that most outrageous matador in action, this reporter told him, "I hope that you never fight in Spain, for there, if the bulls don's kill you, the crowds most certainly will."

Well, fellow aficionados, my worst nightmare has come true. El Glison, who has been absent from Mexican rings for several seasons, has signed a contract with Spanish promoter Grego-rio Conejo to put together a Spanish campaign for the unorthodox matador, who wears enough leg and arm braces to equip a decent size physical rehabilitation goods store.

How will the Spanish crowds accept this character, who is a likable person, but an outrageously disgusting torero? I suppose that if he concentrates on the tourist rings, places like Marbella and Barcelona, he may cause some excitement. But, one can hardly imagine him performing in Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, or Zaragoza! We'll wait and see.


Speaking of comebacks, Antonio Lomelín is apparently going to give it still another shot. He will appear in suit of lights, this coming May 20, in Acapulco, according to Espectáculos Taurinos de Mexico, S.A.

Lomelín will alternate with Eloy Cavazos and rejoneador Gerardo Trueba, facing a herd of bulls from San José, plus one animal from San Antonio de Triana for the rejoneador.

The sable-eyed Lomelín officially retired from the rings, Feb. 18, 1996 in La Plaza Mexico, winning the ears of the bull, "Segador", of Rancho Seco.

The story of Lomelín, who suffered several horrendous gorings in his career, is a sad one. He has been involved in several scrapes with the law and spent a year in prison, after being convicted of rape. The matador's son died of an apparent drug overdose.


Fernando Ochoa has been proclaimed the most triumphant matador of the recently-concluded Feria de San Marcos, in Aguascalientes. Ochoa won four ears in his singular appearance during the feria.

Fermín Espinosa "Armillita" was honored for presenting the best subalterno on foot was Alejandro Prado; the best picador Héctor Cobos; and the best bull, "Ali," from the Santa Barbara ranch, owned by Javier Borrego.


Speaking of the Armillitas, Miguelito "Armillita Chico" has announced that this will be his final season in the arenas.


From Spain, the spring feria in Sevilla saw still another spectacular performance by the great rejoneador Pablo Her-moso de Mendoza alternated with Joao Moura, who received a turn of the ring; Javier Bendía, who also won a vuelta; Leo-nardo Hernández, a vuelta; Luis Domecq was ovationed; and Antonio Domecq, also took a vuelta; while Hermoso won two ears for his performance.


Question for the readers: When was the first indulto recorded in La Plaza Mexico, what was the name and ranch of the bull, and who was the matador? If anybody knows the answer, his/her name will be published in Bullfight World.

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