May 18, 2001

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Duchney Reveals Roots

Your insightful editorial, "Duchney Launches A Misguided ..." (5/11/01) discloses her Republicrat and NRA roots for one and all.

The County of San Diego has suffered greatly in Congress albeit our unrepresentive representation. The social contract that was once the HALLMARK of great conservative thinkers, 18th, 19th centuries is no null and voidl. Furthermore, we are witnessing a Compassionless America.

Thereby, I too join you in support of another Congress-member in the County of San Diego. Hopefully, the San Diego Democratic Party will return to the standards of Franklin Delan Roosevelt.

Dr. Art Salzberg
San Diego

Educators working under a system of genocide

It was reported that at the school board meeting, 24 April, "Before an angry crowd of parents and educators" there were extensive arguments regarding the implementation of a new physics course into the high school program. Well, the unexpected did not happen - the rubber-stampers again voted their approval to Dr. Alvarado's and Mr. Bersin's proposal.

But now and then we should examine what is happening in the district besides the implementation of programs without local study and input. Let's recall some of the promises that our "fearless and faultless" leaders have made.

On numberous occasions I have asked for a progress report of the hiring of the 200 "expert" teachers that were to assist teachers in the replacement of 600+ alleged non-productive instructional and teach-er aides.

At the time of my first request, those wonderful people that had proved to be priceless assets to the literacy programs and the on-site family environment had been laid off without replacement or quality teacher assistance.

In spite of the fact that our nation is sufferin from an acute shortage of teachers and school personnel, we, in San Diego, are releasing fine and able school administrators that finding positions elsewhere in the state as assistant superintendents and other resource positions.

It appears that there is a "hit" lists that started a couple years ago that has grown beyond the hitters' ability to restock. Now, that list hangs as a noose of intimidation and fear for those who want to express their concerns.

We are no longer a district of proud professional teachers and administrators - A district that was once the envy of most California districts that were searching for ideas and resources. We are now a center of stress, malcontent, and misdirection. ... We are not and cannot be a district where "one size", one plan and two dictators fit all. We should not be into teacher training for new hires and experienced educators. Our teachers must be involved in planning their programs, but mostly, they must be permitted to do what they know to do best and to be creative in the process.

Our children are being cheated and our valued educators seem to be working under a system of genocide.

August L. Castille

Words from Wear are wearing on Citizens

Why do the Citizens (taxpayers, city project funders) have to look after the Mayors or Councilman's plans? Why isn't it the other way around? We are the constituents Mr. Wear always suggests he is working for, but whom he chooses to continually ignore. See the rubber stamped ordinance to BAN drinking on Mission and Pacific Beach.

Once again in his correspondence to the public Council member Mr. Wear decided not to inform the public of where the North Bay Redevelopment Project would be having it's "last" meeting. He also forgot to give his email address for contacting his office. Maybe this is why he has chosen to not implement the mandate of the Citizen Advisory Committee for NTC's request to create a PAC for the NTC redevelopment Project. This motion was passed in Sept. 2000.

I guess we can see that Mr. Wayne Rassafberger and Wear both see things the same way.

If you missed the "last" North Bay Redevelopment PAC meeting you will be glad to hear that they have moved to keep the PAC and to meet at least quarterly. This was during the Wed. May 2, '01- 7:30am meeting. At this meeting they also finally got the districts voter info. from the council office so they can communicate to the public. It only took many months of asking. Kurt the representative from Wears office left promptly after the committee voted to remain a PAC rather than go to the Citizen Advisory Committee that Wear wanted. Citizen Advisory Committees have no legal power. The PACs power is limited, but it does have some legal legs to stand on. Only later this month will we know if the City Council re-instates the PAC that has been recommended to shut down per City Attorney Gwinn.

Lastly, true there is no mention of airport expansion in the NBRP, but it is happening with new terminals the Port is wishing to build on Pacific Highway. The draft EIR is now available and you have another week or two to make comments. This also goes for the Sea World expansion draft EIR. But you will not find out how to get a look at these EIRs on the City web site. Hopefully they'll have them in your local Library, as they are not in mine: North Park Public Library. Mr. Wear is not looking out for the future he is looking out for his interests.

Daniel Beeman

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