May 17, 2002


Mexican Standoff in Governor’s Race

The horses are on the track, pawing at the ground and ready to race towards the winners’ circle. Wearing his usual colors - gray on gray, Jockey Gray Davis, is riding a proven winner, Stud-plotter. He is facing off against a young challenger, Jockey Bill Simon, whose young filly recently upset the much older thoroughbred, “Mejor-Que-Nada,” ridden by Jockey Riordan. Older track hands were of a mindset that the horse and Jockey should have been sent out to stud years ago and retired. Handicappers are now calling it a sure shot that Simon and his young filly will be eating track dirt all the way and will be a sure bet to lose. Grey Davis will win hands down. The heavy wagers have their money on Stud-Plotter to win big time!

This year’s Meet, however, is generating concern with the railbirds and the heavy- rollers. There is uncertainty in the outcome. The concern is being caused by the ‘new’ players in attendance that might just change the odds in this year’s event. In the past the odds were in the hands of the heavy rollers from ‘back East.’ The insiders always seem to know who the odds-on favorites were to win. This year they’re not so sure. “Brown Gold” is making it clear that their wagers will not be taken for granted in this year’s Meet. Their bets are being laid and they are studying the Racing forms. They have been taken for granted in the past and the results have always been the same: Their horse wins but they have never collected on their bets! The boys from, Chi & the Big Apple always won no matter who raced.

This year some of the boys who grew up in the Ranchitos de San Fer, Los Valles and Barrios of Los, Frisco, SanJo, y Logan are checking out the horses on the track. The new patrons of the track carry their colors as a matter of pride. They know the importance of protecting their turf. No more are they going to bet on the nags the big Caciques from the American PRI’ista parties pick for them.

Taking a page from a wily young Fox, who knows the difference between having nothing or having PAN, the new Mexican Dons are determine to pick their horses in this Meet. They want to check the horses breeding as well as the heritage of the Jockeys. They want to know just whose colors they are carrying! Too long have they depended on the American PRI’ista to make their decision for them. They now know the importance of the chips they carry and are ready to gamble with them to bring a better life for their GENTE. They want to be players and not just the stable hands.

They will bet on the horses that CARRY THEIR COLORS the lives of their families depend on it!

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