May 16, 2003

Los Temerarios Will Come to San Diego

By Pablo De Sainz

Mexico’s most successful romantic band, Los Temerarios, will come to the San Diego Convention Center on Saturday, May 24. This concert is part of their 2003 U.S. Tour, which began last April.

Recently, Los Temerarios were in Los Angeles, playing at the Universal Amphitheatre for the first time. Unsurprisingly, the show was a hit, since the band is popular among the Mexican immigrant community in that city.

So, this May 24, without a doubt Los Temerarios will pack the San Diego Convention Center. How can one guess this? Well, Los Temerarios are probably the most played romantic group on Spanish-language radio stations in both sides of the border. And, one can be sure, many fans from Tijuana will cross the border to hear their idols sing their beautiful ballads.

Los Temerarios’s most recent album is Una lagrima no basta (Fonovisa, 2003), a set of 10 original songs that range from moving cumbias, to the ballads that have given popularity to the group for almost two decades.

The first single, “Una lagrima no basta,” talks about a broken man who tells his ex-lover to forget about him, to leave him crying after her betrayal: “Una lagrima no basta para que yo te perdone, te robaste mi alma, tú te llevaste todo... Ten compasión ya no me busques. Tú no me amas y yo cuando te miro de todo me olvido, y quiero abrazarte, quisiera abrazarte y quedarme para siempre juntito a ti.”

This song has become a hit. It’s popular in radio stations that play grupero music, that is music from bands such as Los Bukis and Los Yonic’s, among others. But without a doubt, Los Temerarios today are the biggest and more played romantic band in Mexico and southern California.

Another example of their versatility is “Comer a besos,” a low-tempo cumbia that deals with Los Temerarios most common theme: Love.

“Te quisiera comer a besos... Te quiero por cariñosa y también por caprichosa, te quiero por tantas cosas.”

As can be noticed from the two examples above, Los Temerarios’s success among the masses is due to their simple, straightforward message in their songs. Nothing fancy. Nothing difficult. Nothing that can’t be understood by a young high school student or a maquiladora worker. That’s why people buy their albums and request their songs on the radio.

Other songs in Una lagrima no basta include: “Por que será,” “Dejame soñar,” “Se que te amo,” “Te regalo mi tristeza,” “Que tu vida es,” and “No se vivir sin ti.”

Adolfo Angel is the band’s leader, founder, keyboard player, and composer of almost all the lyrics. He’s received many awards, and is the most controversial member due to his many affairs with other Mexican pop stars, including telenovela diva, Veronica Castro.

Gustavo Angel, his brother, is the lead singer and guitarist. His voice is soft, almost childish, but his fans like that. He recently married grupero star, Priscila, from Priscila y sus Balas de Plata.

So, this May 24, the San Diego Convention Center will welcome Mexico’s leading romantic group, Los Temerarios. Don’t be surprised if the majority of the crowd there is female, young, and wild.

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