May 14, 2004


Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotarian, Gaylen Freeman, Speech Contest Chairman, and Carlsbad High School Deputy Superintendent, chaired the first round of Rotary’s Annual 4-Way Speech Contest. Carlsbad High School contestants who were accompanied by their advisor, Minnia Curtis, received awards in this order: Ken Gram, 11th grade, $25.00, Dirk Williamson, 9th grade, $50.00, Daniel Gram, $75.00, and First Place winner was Sindia Zamarripa who received $100.00.

Sindia Zamarripa’s speech advisor, Minnia Curtis, said “Sindia is an exemplary student and liked by every one.” She lives with five sisters and her mother, Juliana Barrios, whom she adores. Sindia said, “My mother taught us to become the best we can and that life is not easy. You have to struggle to make it a good one.” It has been a great challenge for Sindia to help maintain a good life while working and helping her mother and sisters whom she dearly loves.

Academically, she says her favorite subject is history because, “The past really fascinates me.” Sindia maintains an ‘A’ grade average, take courses in honors English and Spanish, belongs to her school’s environmental, best buddies, and speech and debate groups. In fact she is president of the speech team.

But, Sindia knows hobbies are important, too, so she excels in sports, especially volleyball. She has been awarded the school’s “most inspirational award” for 2 years in a row. Her goal is to go to college, “I will be the first to go to college from my entire generation. I love working with children so I will become an elementary school teacher.” Sindia’s final thought about her life is not about herself as she comments, “I want to be a good example for my sisters so they will know they can do anything they want if they only put their minds to it.”

The 4-Way Speech Contest is a public speaking competition, encouraged by English Departments in high schools in San Diego and Imperial Counties and the entire world. It is sponsored and officiated by Rotary Clubs. Students may choose any subject, however, they are asked to tell how they used the Rotary 4-Way Test in their speech. Rotary wants this experience to help them apply the test to all their thought what they say and what they do to make a valuable difference in their lives: 1.Is it the TRUTH?; 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?; 3. Will it build GOOD WILL and better Friendships?; 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Sindia Zamarripa applied the test it to cheating in school which is commonly done to make students the “best” or just to get into the best colleges. She asserts, “One who cheats will not ever be trusted.” Cheating isn’t fair to the family who helps the student through school or to the other students who do not cheat. The way I want live my life is according to Rotary 4-Way-Test.”

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