May 13, 2005


Immigration- Major Issue Again

Republican-Democratic Leadership Avoiding Real Culprits

The Republican and Democratic politicos are once again shying away from the reality that illegal immigration would not be an issue if they would confront the reality that the major impetuous for the illegal immigrant labor is being driven by Corporate America. Cheap labor is what drives the major Agribusinesses, the Labor Intensive Corporations, and the need to maximize profits, on the backs of an unprotected and desperate labor force, are the driving factors behind the illegal immigration.

The reality of what the powerful economic forces that make our borders porous and the role our political institutions of our so-called democracy, makes the outcome clearly self evident and uncorrectable. As long as the driving force is the accumulation of obscene wealth, it’s clear, that in a society where money is controlled by a few, and there are little or no controls on the buying and selling of our so-called elected political office holders, that the necessary Federal regulations, controlling the immigration of citizens from other countries, will not be forthcoming. The Voters in America have no leverage to stop or control the wholesale cooption of our State and Federal elected politicians.

Thousands and millions of dollars flow into the coffers of our Senators, Congressman, and Representatives at the Federal level as well as into the pockets of all those running for a political office at the State wide as well as the local City and County levels. The Citizens of America have little or no power to control the massive outpouring of money that flows daily into the coffers of our “elected officials”. The Union Tribune, as well as the L.A. Times, the Sacramento Bee along with every Television and Radio station in California, and the rest of the Nation, know exactly where the millions come from to cover the cost of all the misleading advertisement that is broadcast daily to convince the general public that all the illegal immigration is being somehow supported and organized by Mexican Americans and other Latinos.

Let’s make it clear that all the money that the Hispanic communities earn in a year couldn’t buy the political muscle necessary to maintain our borders open to all who wish to cross! It’s that lack of major financial ability that makes the Latino/Hispanic vote mostly irrelevant in deeming the national or state wide direction that our country will take. If you want to know which way the country is going to go in the matter of hiring cheap labor follow the money trail! Blaming the Mexican American, Latino, or other Hispanic groups for illegal immigration is a nice but useless blame game to be playing.

Americans are burying their heads in the sand. Knowing the truth about our political system and who owns it, is too difficult for some to accept much less to acknowledge it.

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