May 12, 2000

El Foro Publico

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City Attorney Gwinn's Actions Questioned

There are two disturbing aspects of the Stalling's IPO impropriety not yet discussed; The first was the incredibly stupid absolution hastily bestowed by City attorney Casey Gwinn, who opined that there was nothing wrong with the deal because the IPO money itself had no dealings before the city council. That's like saying that a bribe paid with U.S. Currency is okay because the Federal Reserve has no business pending before our local government.

The second concern is that perhaps this is not the only such illegal gift accepted by our city council critters from special interests! The financial disclosure forms are never audited! We take the word of the politicians without question!

Perhaps Vallerie Stallings gaff was the fact that she reported what appears to be an illegal gift from John Moores, albeit, if indirectly, in the largely ignored financial disclosure forms. The other council members may be a tad brighter, "forgetting" to report such transactions.

John Murphy

San Diego


(Just as State Insurance Commissioner Charles Quackenbush, City Attorney Quinn should resign from his post for failure to carry out his responsibilities. This is not his first failure in ignoring the public trust and supporting our elected officials when they ignore their fiduciary responsibilities to the city. He can see no wrong in the Mayor or members of the city council no matter how egregious their actions may be i.e. spending public funds on partisan party activities (Golding), spending public funds in support of private business ( Spanos CHARGES & Moores, PADRES) all carried out in secret. Evidentially, raiding the public treasury is ok by Mr. Gwinn. Stallings ditto should resign. She has lost all trust and confidence from the voters. You got your pieces of leave)

Escritor Busca Casa Editorial

Aunque no le conozco le saludo y felicito por su prestigiado periodico. Despues del salado paso a lo siguente-Soy un estudiante de una escuela comunitaria (Cesar Chavez) para adultos. He terminado de escribir un libro que he titulado "Persigue tu Sueño". Desafortunadamente no se si exista alguna casa editorial que se interese en escritos hispanos.

Agradesco cualquier informácion que pueda brindarme.

Javier González

San Diego

(Si desean hablar con este Joven llamen al (619) 266-3362)

Bill of Rights Vs Helicopters

Last night I was awaken by helicopters flying overhead in my neighborhood and circling. It frighten me and caused me to ponder on the differences, from my youth to today, in this great country we live in.

As a youth, I was impressed with the individual rights, the Bill of Rights, and the wonderful free country that our founders had made. I believed I lived in such a country. Now I wonder if I am safe in my own home from a bloated government, overreaching its Constitutional limits to intrude in every aspect of our life. Instead I now live under a government that was willing to break down doors, kill and destroy citizens in Ruby Ridge, Waco and countless other places ...

We have come to a sad state indeed when we are no longer under a libertarian Bill of Rights that insures us our personal liberties, but instead are subject to the whims of elected and non elected officials.

Lynn Bolder

El Cajon, Ca.


(Perhaps your remembrance of the past has been somewhat changed by the passage of time. What we remember is conditioned by your past status in society, economic circumstance, racial and color, your religion, geographical region lived in, and the situation existent in the surrounding world, to name a few of the factors that would condition your view of yourself and the world around you. On balance, America is still the best place in the world to live in. You might try and live in China for a while for comparison.)

Censo de Chula Vista Dio Las Gracias

El Departamento de Comer-cio, Oficina del Censo, y en particular la Oficina del Censo de Chula Vista, aprecia su cooperación con el Censo del 2000.

El apoyo de La Prensa San Diego ha sido de gran beneficio para nuestra causa, a trayendo con el Censo la atención de todos.

Me uno a nuestros voluntarios y personal en recomendar y agradacer a usted por su asistencia y contribución.

James H. Thayer


Oficinas del censo Chula Vista

China has Missiles aimed at America

Re: Tezozomoc Speaks (Opinion May 5) "Memo To Navy Brass: Lay off Mates... You don't need Vieques Island (Puerto Ricans Are Our Buddies.) Why not practice on the `Bay of Pigs'? Or Guantanamo Bay??? Or better yet, practice lobbying shells at China!"

Tezzy's, although tongue-in-cheek, suggestion of lobbying shells at China suggests he hasn't read: Red Dragon Raising or Year of the Rat by Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett, relating the sordid story of the Clinton/Gore administation's sending highly-technical information and advance missile information and advanced, high-powered computers (600) to Communist China's Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) in exchange for cash for their 1996

reelection campaign (1996 was China's "Year of the Rat).

As a consequence, the PLA has targeted Americas major cities with nuclear missiles and made possible sooner and with more accuracy because of the Clinton/Gore deal, according to Timperlake and Triplett.

Jay Garner

San Diego

President May have a Point!

President Clinton on May 3rd said Home-schooled children "should have to prove that they're learning on a regular basis ... or be forced to go to school."

....the President has given us something to think about... If the students attending public schools cannot show that they are learning on a regular basis, maybe they should be required to be educated at home!

Gary Pietila

Ramona, Ca.

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