May 11, 2001


Bersin & Alvarado, Darth Vader Regime In Control of SDUSD!

Unknown to the teachers, parents, professional staff, administrators and the minority members of the School Board of Trustees (De Beck & Zimmerman), Tony Alvarado, the hired gun brought in by Superintendent Alan Bersin, has decided that he was going to fire the whole administrative team. Principal of San Diego High School, Tony Alfaro, who has been with district for 25 years, was one of those to be ingloriously dismissed for reasons unknown at this time. He was not even allowed to hand out the graduating diplomas to the graduating Class of 2001!

School Trustee John de Beck had to learn from the community that Tony Alvarado, who was brought in from New York by Superintendent Bersin, was removing Principal Tony Alfaro from the San Diego High School. None of these actions had been discussed nor approved by the Board of Education! The Board last met on May 8th and the firing of Principal Alfaro, a highly respected teacher, principal and administrator was not mentioned.

It is clear that there is a total breakdown in communication between Superintendent Alan Bersin, the Board of Trustees, the teachers, administrators, parents, and the Superintendent of Education for the State of California. San Diego Unified School District is spinning into a self-destruct mode.

This is an issue that involves the Mexican American community, the Latino community, and everyone who WANTS QUALITY EDUCATION!

(This morning Friday, May 11, a press conference is scheduled by San Diego High School parents, PTSA Vice-President, community members, Sam Salazar, President of the San Diego High School Alumni Association, and the San Diego Foundation. The Press Conference will be held at 10:00 am at San Diego High School [front steps] 1405 Park Ave.)

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