May 11, 2001

Symposium Exploring the Dynamics of Crossing Borders to be Presented May 25 in the Price Center at UC San Diego

A symposium exploring the ways our static and changing artistic, conceptual and social projects reflect and shape cultural movement across borders will be presented May 25 in the Price Center at the University of California, San Diego.

Border, Boundaries, and New Frontiers, Part II is sponsored by UCSD's African and African-American Studies Research Project (AAASRP). The symposium concludes AAASRP's two-year focus on border crossing issues.

Bennetta Jules-Rosette, UCSD sociology professor, is AAASRP coordinator.

According to Jules-Rosette, the May 25 symposium will tie together themes from three major workshops and a symposium presented since early 2000. These include the Blues-and-Border Music Workshop (February, 2000); the symposium on Borders, Boundaries, and New Frontiers, Part I (May, 2000); the Workshop on the Cultures of Border Crossing (November, 2000), and the Borderland Beats Music Workshop (February 2001).

"Our hope is that these workshops and symposia will have added significantly to our overall knowledge and understanding of the causes and effects of people moving across borders and boundaries and how that affects cultures and societies," Jules-Rosette says. "Migrants both carry with them and discard their cultural baggage as they move across oceans, nations, and regions, and nomadism has become a popular topic of study."

Borders, Boundaries, and New Frontiers, Part II will be held in Galleries A and B in the Price Center from noon to 5:30 p.m. It will focus on two dialogues relevant to global and local aspects of border crossing: Global Geographies and Landscapes of Identity in the black West.

Global Geographies features Dean MacCannell, Department of Environmental Design, UC Davis, who will speak on Geographies of the Unconscious: Heizer versus Kroeber on the Native California Territorial Boundaries, and Michelle Gilbert, Department of Fine Arts, Trinity College, who will discuss Hollywood in Ghana.

Landscapes of Identity in the Black West will feature Jaclyn Harden, Department of Society, Justice and Culture, Seattle University, and her topic: Seattle, Capital of the Twenty First Century; and Cristin McVey, Department of Sociology, UCSD and her topic: Black San Diego Through Photography.

A roundtable discussion with Mylene Ribadeniera, Department of Sociology, UCSD; Paula Marie Seniors, Department of Ethnic Studies, UCSD, and AAASRP board members will conclude the afternoon symposium.

Presented in conjunction with the symposium will be a youth forum and an awards banquet. In the youth forum, Sharing Cultures, middle and high school students will discuss essays they have written on their family histories and traditions under the guidance of AAASRP community liaison Sallie Bayless and African-American Writers Association's Bobby Hearns.

The goal of the youth forum is to expose San Diego's inner-city youth to the exciting possibilities of higher education and advanced research. Eight students will receive awards for their essays at the AAASRP awards banquet.

The awards banquet, beginning at 6:30 p.m., will honor outstanding achievements of scholars, students, administrators, and community members who have worked with the AAASRP program. UC Davis' Dean MacCannell will present the keynote address, Painful Memories.

The AAASRP's mission is to promote research and intellectual understanding of the issues that face African-Americans and the African disapora populations today from the perspectives of the humanities and the social sciences. The project sponsors public events that bring diverse groups of people together, both to foster a comparative and interdisciplinary environment and to share information and exchange scholarly ideas.

For further information on Borders, Boundaries, and new Frontiers, Part II call Jules Rosette at (858) 534-4790 or J.R. Osborn at (858) 822-0265.

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