May 10, 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks...

Cuidado! Chicano Park’s under attack. Either that, or they just don’t like our art! Orale no se aguite… Some of the ModArt of the Euros leaves me sin ganas to see it again. I love Chicano art. Never forget the trip David Avalos laid on the gringos. He hung a hubcap on the walls of the prestigious La Jolla Art Museum. They loved it!! Thought it was so “Art Deco! Whatever does it gente. Arte is in the eyes of the beholder! No se dejen Gente y no se vendan!! A todo dar!

Pasando el tiempo with my old cuate Herman Baca, the Chicano of all Chicanos… Pues, su Madrecita está muy enferma. Not too long ago the leader of the clan, Don Nicolas Baca, el Don, left this world and joined his ancestors. Algo to say about the New Mexican families… they have history going back to la conquista! (Way before England dumped their unwanted prisoners on our shores… That’s OK, we have grown to accept you illegal aliens!)

Tonitua la maestra de las mujeres inmigrantes held a graduation at Granger Middle School. El Jefito had the honor of addressing the group of graduates… Con mucho or-gullo. Gracias to Principal Maria Castilleja, las maestras Elizabeth Pastrana de Los Rios y los 35 estudiantes for inviting El Director de La Prensa San Diego. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Pregunta: Wassup at South-western College? Hear rumors of revolution in the ranks of teachers. I hope it’s against the governor for cutting back community college funds.

Tezzy smells mutiny in the ranks. Raza beginning to move into Republican ranks. Mucho disenchantment with the Guv, local Demos, and M/A’s they help elect who have ignored them just as bad as the gringos they help elect. NRHA held a coming out party Saturday. Many Raza went, it is said. Tezzy has heard a long list of complaints from those disenchanted with Demos.

Look for a change in Sweetwater High School District Board of Trustees. Raza mighty fed up with Trustee Bob Greigo & George Sandoval... Looking for new blood on the Board.

Maria Salas, Chula Vista Mayoral Candidate, better get cracking. Her name I.D. is slipping while Padilla is out there working. Mayor Shirley Horton got a big boost when her opponent in the 78th Assembly District, Vince Hall (D), got caught up in a scandal.

Remember mi gente... “Leaders are made in the cauldron of fire which flashes at the moment. They are not born!” If you feel the urge to act - do so.

Nuestro Amor Para todas las Madrecitas en su día de días! Recuerde que es MADRE por orden de Dios!

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