May 10, 2002


Padre Stadium Bonds on Shaky Ground?

There are a few nagging questions that have been begging for answers since the story broke on the crash of Peregrine Systems. These are questions that a publisher or editor should normally be able to ask the mayor, or members of the City Council in person. However, being that these folks seem only to be able to communicate with the Union-Tribune, the editorial board of La Prensa San Diego is forced to have to ask them questions in its editorial pages. Of course, they have been a fairly good “bully-pulpit” by puncturing the thin skins of some so-called leaders in the San Diego community. Former Mayors Roger Hedgecock, Susan Golding and Pete Wilson, along with assorted sheriffs, police chiefs and a politician or two can attest to that fact.

PREGUNTA: (that means QUESTION in Español): Mayor Dick Murphy, just how are you going to pay off the Padre Bonds? The guarantee of millions was due this week. So far, Padre management hasn’t paid a nickel. That leaves the city kind of up in the air. I believe you folks in city hall never asked the Padre leadership (John Moores and company) if they actually had the money!

PREGUNTA: Mr. Mayor, are you and the other eight mental dwarfs now going to take more millions from water, sewer, street, lighting and road repair funds to build Señor Moores’ play pen for his La Jolla friends? (Just saw next year’s budget dream sheet; NOT TOO good, Mr. Mayor)

PREGUNTA: Worthy City Council members, how come not a single one of you asked to see a financial statement to insure that Mr. John Moores really had the big bucks he claimed to have to cover his share of building the “Rich Folk’s” baseball stadium?

PREGUNTA: Did you guys really believe he had $800 million as Forbes Magazine stated in 1998? Did you really believe he still had any of his ill-gotten gains from the Peregrine Systems stock run-up in 99? (Current value .85 cents a share “Junk Bond” category).

PREGUNTA: Mr. Mayor, were you aware that Peregrine was under the control of John Moores in ’89 and from 1990-2000, and that he is now back as Chairman of the board?

PREGUNTA: When are you elected leaders going to get some cajones and ask for a State or Federal investigation of the PADRE deal??? Are you going to wait until the Peregrine scandal sinks the CITY???

“The bird is in a death-tail spin.” A wise city leader would take steps to protect the people he represents before the City of San Diego sinks!

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