May 7, 2004


“The Army has conducted more than 20 criminal investigations
in to misconduct by Americans holding prisoners in Iraq & Afghanistan.
(This includes) 10 cases suspicious deaths, 10 cases of abuse, and two
determined to be deaths believed to be criminal homicides.”

Secretary of Defense Rumsfield States the System Works!

Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq may become a gaping wound in the American psychic of what is to be an American. The atrocities that were carried out against the prisoners of war in Iraq and Afghanistan bring shame to our sense of what and who we are. If the conduct of the members of the Armed Forces, is an indication to the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield that the system works in America, we are in deep trouble in this country.

The mothers and fathers have willingly allowed their children to be drafted by the military. They did so in the faith and trust that the President, the elected Senators and Representatives of the United State Congress, and the Officers and Men of our armed forces, were men of honor and dignity. We entrusted our sons to follow and carry out the orders of their government. Now, it has become abundantly clear that Viet Nam was not an aberration. Iran, and Afghanistan certify, that we have lost our sense of honor, ethics, and respect for human life.

If the core of our Military Armed Forces can disrespect the rules of engagement, rape, torture, and murder captured prisoners of war, we are no longer an honorable armed force seeking to resolve problems between nation states. Even in war, there is order, a beginning, and an end. Conflict is not eternal.

It is apparent that the leadership of this country has broken faith with the citizens of America. They have permitted and allowed for our military to dissolve into an uncontrollable armed mob no better than the Storm Troopers of Nazi Germany. The Chain of Command from the citizens to their political elected leaders has been subverted. Command and Control to our armed forces is in disarray.

We know not what happened to our Constitution. We know not who determined that the Congress has no voice on whether to go to war or not. We know not, who speaks for the President. We know not, who is running the country (is it the Vice President?). We know not, who is in charge of carrying out military actions (is it the politicians or the professional warriors?) We know not, who has the Constitutional power to spend billion and billions of dollars (Evidently the Congress has no say). Confidence in our country is eroding fast.

President George W. Bush take control! The American people are tired of hearing Vice President Richard B Cheney trying to run the war for the benefit of his corporate friends. They are tired of listening to Condoleezza Rice pontificate with her school- marm view of the world. Frankly, we are tired of the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfield gave his lame view of the war (fire him). Lastly, if you must have a spokesman, use The Secretary of State Colin Powell. He knows the warrior side as well as the political.

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