May 7, 2004


México-Cuba 1959-2004 RIP

By Andrés Lozano

As I write, Mexican and Cuban diplomatic relations are on the verge of collapsing. It is a momentous time. Since Castro’ seizure of power back in 1959, Mexico has maintained shamefaced relations with Havana’s murderous regime. Successive legal, yet illegitimate Mexican administrations, found expeditious holding a hostage relationship in order to curb revolutionary tinkering within Mexico fostered by the Cuban regime. Not anymore. The first ever legal and legitimate Mexican administration in history has called the shots, rejecting hereon the beggar-thy-neighbor arrangement with Cuba and degrading the diplomatic interchange between both governments to essentials. Reasons justifying the Mexican initiative are aplenty, but in fact, principle stands supreme: in good faith, the Mexican government cannot continue being Castro’s alibi for long lost, if ever deserved, legitimacy. No more Dane Geld bribe paid! As of today, May 4, 2004, the final breakup seems unavoidable. Good riddance! In Churchillian terms: this may not be the beginning of the end, but it certainly is the end of the beginning. Hereon, the last shred of international prestige is stripped down from the carcass of Cuba’s sadistic clique of terror. It is a day for rejoicing among all freedom loving people wherever. Fidel: the end is near!

Having overthrown Batista’s corrupt regime on January 1, 1959, Castro’s brutal rule was inaugurated with wholesale executions without trial or trial dispensed by kangaroo courts. Even before eliminating the last remnants of the previous presidency, Fidel was already purging his own. Castro’s henchmen swiftly snuffed out Camilo Cienfuegos, a true hero and patriot. It is no secret: Fidel expelled Ernesto Che Guevara -a felon in his own right- and sent him to certain death in Bolivia. Castro consolidated his odious command with the help of the Soviet Union at the height of the cold war. Cuba was a Trojan horse alongside the US and the Soviet treasury paid a hefty price to keep afloat its lackey: the inept, corrupt and profligate Cuban Marxist state. Prior to the downfall of the USSR, it was an established fact Castro was, at a price, aiding and abetting South American drug smugglers into the US, granting them safe haven, logistics and refueling conveniences in Cuba. Shortly after the downfall of worldwide communism and increasingly isolated, when exposed as a common drug peddler, Castro concocted a sham trial accusing a group of his own high ranking military co-conspirators as drug smuggling ringleaders and summarily shot them.

In a twist of irony, Castro claimed that, among his reasons, to initiate his revolution was the fact that Cuba had become America’s brothel. Well, whoredom is whoredom, but under Castro Cuba became anybody’s brothel. It is an established fact that given his managerial incompetence, the Cuban economy collapsed after his violent takeover. When the Soviet subsidy dissipated, Castro had no compunction to foster wholesale prostitution as a tourism magnet. To call Castro Cuba’s national pimp is no mere figure of speech.

Mexican-Cuban ongoing cozy relationship collapsed, or on the brink of being severed, has been a pockmark in the face of Mexico’s international relations. At the time of Castro’s seizure of power, Marxist subversion was at its zenith. The Mexican administration of the day found expedient bribing Fidel in exchange for no mischief fostered in Mexico from Cuba. Thereon, enticements came in different forms such as steadfast diplomatic recognition of the Cuban Gulag by successive Mexican administrations, preferential loans, a favorable press concealing Castro’s outrageous abuses and assorted goodies. In exchange, Castro never attacked Mexico’s in row illegitimate, though legal, administrations. Yet, malefactors have no honor, the bilateral snug relationship soured almost immediately after Mexico elected in mid 2000 its first ever legal and legitimate administration. It made no sense for the new administration to continue the bedraggled bond. Castro responded in kind and immediately began meddling in Mexican internal affairs causing havoc whenever possible.

Thus, the Mexican administration has rightly decided to downgrade the diplomatic tie to its bare minimum, leaving the door opened for Fidel to break it, something that could happen shortly. Alternatively, in his madness, Fidel may well up the ante and give Mexico the final argument for the breakup of relations. Whichever the outcome, this is a good season for democracy and Mexico can start counting its blessings. Moreover, the government of the day may decide to ventilate the nature of the crooked relationship covering forty-five years of conspiracy and deceit detrimental both to the Cuban and Mexican people and decide to expose the beneficiaries of such infamous traffic. If only this happened it would be a formidable feat and hopefully the last nail in the coffin of the world’s last major Marxist mass murderer and tyrant.

At any rate, Castro himself and his regime are in their last gasps. Castro should die in bed or smothered by his clique in typical Marxist fashion. It is a short wait and no attempt from abroad to overthrow him is advisable. The long-suffering Cuban people deserve the right to see him pass on as the criminal he always was. An outside attempt to oust him, would supply the air of martyrdom undeserved by the Antillean chancre.

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