May 6, 2005


What is an American? ¿Quien Somos?

The month of May is a curious anomaly. On the one hand it signals the beginning of summer and strangely it also it’s a month when the skies weep periodically. The month begins with the celebration of Latin American Labor Day, May 1 and concludes with the observation of Memorial Day, May 30. In betwixt, we are reminded by our Calendar, that we also celebrate “The Battle of Puebla” in Mexico, i.e.”CINCO DE MAYO” on May 5. On May 8, we celebrate “Mothers’ Day” and then on May 10 we celebrate “Día de las Madres” in Mexico. May 21, we pay homage to all our Armed Forces... a day set aside to honor all our Servicemen who have died while serving in the Armed Forces. Little by little what it means to be an American person is developing and changing. Our belief systems are rapidly being redefined.

La Prensa San Diego has a Spanish, Mexican, Indigenous soul. It is evident in its approach and treatment of the articles that are printed weekly in its pages. We are proud of who we are and for the role and participation in the founding and establishment of all the diverse cities, towns, and countries that are the result of the participation of our ancestors in the discovery, establishment and development of all the city-states in the Northern, Central, and Southern parts of the Americas!

As we look at the North American Calendar, we are pleased to note that more and more the contributions made by our ancestors are finding their way into our communal holidays and celebrations. There are more and more sign posts that we are now being acknowledged for our historical role in the establishment and development in this part of the world. However, we recognize that credit for all those who participated in the development of the Americas has to be shared and it must be recognized that decade after decade there are new developments that are being made in which we, as modern day descendents of the original founders, have had significant input. Our footprints will be biologically imprinted upon the racial stock that will exist in the American continent.

It behooves us to recognize and understand that emergent societies change over time. The United States will never be Hispanized. It will be centuries before an “American” race is created. It will be, more than likely, that a new homogenized population will evolve into a composite of all the genes that will be in the North American gene pool. All I can say is that regardless of the final determination of what an “American” person is, we have the confidence that somewhere in there, a beautiful descendent of the Hispanic, Mexican, Latina Mixteca mixed with other European racial stock will walk the streets of the United States and be the model of what that race is. La Prensa San Diego will be glad when that day has arrived.

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