May 5, 2000

Tezozomoc Speaks


Que Viva el "CINCO" Just think if we had not defeated Napoleon's boys at Puebla ..The good ole U.S.A. Might be two countries instead of one...One would be a slave country and the other would be a free country! Then those Babas of the South could fly their little itty bitty confederate flag on their plantation porches!


Here you-all thought The 5th of May was important only to Chicanos. The French didn't have the guts to fight against Mexico and our Gringo friends. So the U.S. got Abe and Mexico got Benito as Presidents. Maximilian got the firing squad and French got a one way ticket to France.


Memo to the Navy Brass: Lay off mates..You don't need Vieques Island (PUERTO RICANS ARE OUR BUDDIES) Why not practice on the "Bay of Pigs"? Or "Guantanamo Bay"??? Or better yet, practice lobbying shells at CHINA????


Come on Valerie (quite stalling) Stallings you're being "felony stupid" (again)! Are there any council person left that hasn't been corrupted by the PADRE Dons? Mr. City Attorney Quinn: all I can say is you must be a Republican. Your performance is guaranteeing you will never make it to the Supreme Court.


Word is out Loretta Sanchez, Democratic poster girl, is holding one big pachanca during the Democratic Convention, in August, in the city of the Angels in the Playboy Mansion. She has the GOP fit to be tied. They don't fool me... they are just jealous they won't be invited! Psssssst Loretita, can I get a press pass?


PREGUNTA: How cum, no on is taking Florida's Governor Jeb Bush to task for allowing the Mayor of Miami and the entire political establishment to promote an open rebellion against the Federal government and allowing the entire population to become hostage to an uncontrolled mob? I think the governor could have called out the National Guard at the least to preserve law and order and make it safe for the people of Miami. Is this what can be expected of the other Governor G.W. Bush? How come he didn't get on the horn and call his brother and stop what could only be called an insurrection against our government????


Stand by Raza: Governor Bush has enlisted the help of "Texas" Henry Bonilla, to be co-chair of the Republican National Committee's "Victory 2000" effort. Tony Valencia, ousted leader of the former Mexican American Foundation has resurfaced as the head of the recently formed U.S.- Mexico Foundation, a front group for the Republican party. They will hold a breakfast for "George" Friday (5th of May) morning. My, My George do you have to bottom feed in California? Maybe in Tejas but not here!


Pregunta: How come neither the City of San Diego or the County Board of Supervisors, nor any of the 17 other municipalities thought to issue a proclamation on "Cinco de Mayo????? It's these little things that nag at our collective consciousness. Of course if you do by Friday...You missed my deadlines!


MEMO TO GOVERNOR DAVIS PUBLIC RELATIONS HACK: Stop sending me a fax every time the governor sneezes! I have visions of millions of trees being destroyed in order to stroke the Governors ego. In case you haven't notice I run perhaps two out of every thousand you send....SAVE OUR FORESTS FOR GOD'S SAKE ....We really don't care to hear or read about the minutia of the Gov's job ..... BOOOORING!.

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