May 5, 2000

Four Women, Four Lives (four tequila shots)...One Story....

Directed by Jose Luis Valenzuela
Written by Evelina Fernandez
Produced by Sal Lopez

Starring: Scott Bakula, Evelina Fernandez, Marta DuBois, Angela Moya, Dyana Ortelli, Robert Beltran, Sal Lopez, Seidy Lopez, Lupe Ontiveros, Geoff Rivas, Pepe Serna, & Cheech Marin

Coming to a Theater Near You on Cinco de Mayo!

Luminarias is a romantic comedy about four women friends: Andrea, Irene, Sofia and Lilly, looking for love in contemporary Los Angeles, where people of all walks of life, cultures, religions and sexual preferences converge and try to survive in the city. After divorces and fruitless relationships these four professional, intelligent, beautiful, sexy Latinas find themselves "single" once again and still looking for the right guy.

Friends: Angela Moya, Marta duBois, Evelina Fernandez and Dyna Ortelli

They come together once a week at Luminarias, an Eastside nightclub, to share, gossip, lament and talk about, what else, men! Each woman unique in her preferences and tastes: Andrea likes Chicanos, Sofia likes white guys, Irene likes young guys and Lilly likes anyone she can get her hands on — usually undocumented and married. But, when you're looking for love in L.A., you don't always fall for who you think you will.

Luminarias, totally financed by the Latino Community, opens this weekend in Los Angeles.

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