May 1, 1998

San Diego Natural History Museum Welcomes Dr. Exequiel Ezcurra as Director of the Biodiversity Research Center for the Californias

Dr. Exequiel Ezcurra, new director of the Biodiversity Research Center of the Californias.

The San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park has hired Dr. Exequiel Ezcurra as director of the Biodiversity Research Center of the Californias, the Museum's scientific research and collections division.

A native of Argentina, Dr. Ezcurra has spent the last 20 years as a plant ecologist, scientist, teacher and government official in Mexico. Dr. Ezcurra received his masters and doctorate from the University College of North Wales, Bangor. Over the next 20 years, he served as a researcher at the Instituto de Ecología, Museum of Natural History in Mexico, where he developed the first Environmental Impact Assessments in Mexico. He then became principal researcher at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

"Dr. Ezcurra is a world-class researcher who represents a new scientific era at the Museum," said Museum Executive Director, Dr. Michael Hager. "His vision will open us up to a new binational role in science, education and research that no museum has ever undertaken."

Between 1992 and 1994, he became head of the Mexican equivalent of the US. Fish and Wildlife Service under Luis Donaldo Colosio, the late presidential candidate who was then Mexico's secretary minister of social development. As director general of natural resources at the National Institute of Ecology, he received a grant from the Global Environmental Fund to establish an Upper Gulf biosphere reserve in the Sea of Cortez. He also established an Endangered Species Act for Mexico.

Dr. Ezcurra has published more than 50 research articles and 14 book chapters. He is the author of two books on the ecology of the basin of Mexico and is the recipient of numerous scientific and environmental awards.