March 31, 2006

Legal Defense for Students Participating in Walkouts

1) For Students that have participated in the Walkouts and face legal issues resulting from their participation may contact the National Lawyers Guild at:

8124 West Third Street, Suite 101
Los Angeles, California 90048
(323) 653-4510; Fax (323) 653-3245

2) This is a link to valuable info for Students participating in the Walkouts:

Also email or call:

Laura Raymond
NLG National Student Organizer
212-679-5100 x12

3) Students participating in the Walkouts, and their supporters, may call the following phone Numbers for support:

English: (310) 712-6373

Spanish: (310) 712-7066

Assistance with Walkout related Truancy Tickets, School Suspension and other Disciplinary actions.

Sponsored by the National Lawyers Guild & Local Bar Associations

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