March 30, 2001


Chispas! este indio struck by Tezcatlipoco... Amazed at Elizabeth Pastrana's graduating class of women seeking ways to survive en este mundo norte Americano. What spirit... What spunk. Lincoln acres was the site. Spirit was the `moda.' El Jefe proudly spoke and presented "TEZOZOMOC" plaques to top 4 grads.


Talkie-show host, "Rodger the Dodger," trying to ride electric/gas issue to statewide office? Gray (and really Gray) Davis, the Guv, not looking muy bueno in his handling of the issue. Pssssst... Guv. Generals need to lead not have committee meetings. Republicans licking their chops and gearing up to make ol man Davis a one term governor. Hedgecock chomping at the idea of going public again...


¿Qué está pasando aquí? Hispanic Magazine rated top 25 Colleges & Universities for Hispanics. Número uno: Stanford University; Número 2; U.C. Berkeley; Número 5 UCLA; Número 7: San Francisco State; Número 10: U.C. Santa Barbara; Número 23: San Diego State University. WASSUP UCSD, USD?? Folks don't think you're too friendly with RAZA?


Joke on all those folks who want to feel Mexican & trip-off to la cantina "Hussong's" in Ensenada... It ain't. Hussong's founded by Percy Hussong, a GERMAN MIGRANT in 1892. Oh well, at least they sell Corona beer!


For Latinos & other Raza that have gone to visit the Yucatán Peninsula. You ever wonder why it's hard to understand their español? Its not that your español is bad... fact is that the Basque people settled the Yucatán! And... Ya saben how hard it is to comprender their language.


Pos Irish Murph went ahead and did it... He patronized a bunch of HISPUUUNICS and gave them a meaningless, powerless, useless ADVISORY Committee, which will yak with him once a month! Come on Dick how about a power assignment where they can really impact on the decision making for the city. El Alcalde will now have a little Irish Yale with his BLACK committee, his ASIAN committee and his MEXICAN committee, all powerless & useless, and he is taking care of the MINORITY people... No cost, NO changes just a lotta yak-kiti-yak.


PREGUNTA: What's the difference between The Golden one, Susan Golding and Mayor Dick Murphy??? That's easy. The Golden one wore a dress!


Word from the Tejas Chicano wire. Mex-Texans getting mighty disappointed in having given their vote to fellow Texan, George W. Bush. Mex-Tejanos had trouble telling the difference between REALITY & TORO-POPO! Just remember the ALAMO vatos.

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