March 30, 2001

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Redevelopment Abuse, Heritage theft

Liberty Station redevelopment is an asset for Council members' on-going political endeavors.

I have been a member of the North Park Redevelopment Project Area Committee. This PAC has been in operation for nearly a decade.

But the major difference here is that Council member Wear cannot control this PAC as he and CCDC have controlled the East Village/Downtown Ballpark PAC. This issue gets into the "meat" of the subject of politics in Redevelopment. Local politicians and would be/ quasi politicians or staff use the Redevelopment Agency (also called the City Council) to direct and control plans for many of our neighborhoods (redevelopment areas).

CCDC in a report to the City Council, Tuesday 3/27, informed them that $410+ Million has been used to "fix downtown", but forgot to mention that they still have $225 Million in bond indebtedness that is obligated by our general fund. If you look at "C" St. across form City Hall you will see their "fix" is still lacking and that they are still incurring mountains of debt-obligated by us taxpayers.

The true desire of the North Bay Redevelopment Project is to extend the Airport and runway(s), fill the Midway/I-5 north & I-8 west corridor with high cost residential homes and complete a "bay to bay link" - a canal for wealthy boat/marine owners to use. Mr. Wear was in Washington D.C. getting funds to enable the modifications that would be needed by this Project plan.

So you see, not only will your City taxpayer dollars be utilized, but so will Federal and CalTrans (state) funds. All this so that small businesses and our current infrastructure can be eaten up by eminent domain. Watch out Point Loma!, the big man has not only stolen NTC and it's name heritage, but he is looking to get your personal property and/or business livelihoods. Too, your tax-dollars will pay for all this abuse put upon you.

Daniel Beeman
North Park, San Diego

Living in today's society

Regarding La Prensa's March 9 editorial "Santana High: Another Monument to Our Failures," commenting on the problem but failing to suggest a possible solution to societies moral dilemma today, the apostle Paul's letter to Romans, Chapter 12:14 through 13:14 (King James version here if you will) presents recommendations for living in today's society applicable to families, individuals, anyone truly seeking answers to the tragedy in Santee March 5, and elsewhere, past or future. Sound words for those who will heed them. What have you got to lose?

Ray Garner
San Diego

City of Vista's List of Priority Projects -For Elitists Only-

The Vista City Council just released their list of priorities for the City. Nowhere to be seen on the list was anything supporting the basic interests of the working community: jobs, education and housing.

Worse than doing nothing for the working class of Vista, the City in reality has a long history of attacking workers with their own tax money.

In terms of housing, the City allows only expensive homes to be built. A person who builds a small second residence may pay ten or twenty times the fees per square foot as a much larger home. My Affordable Housing program would loan 420,000 materials money to homeowners wishing to add an 800 square foot second unit to their properties. The City plan, which charges about $15,000 in fees and offers no assistance at all, essentially outlaws affordable housing.

The Vista Council has also sabotaged education. One of the favorites lies of the favorite lies ... is "The Mexicans ruined the school system". The fact is that more than 8,000 houses were built in Shadowridge during a 5-year period in the 1980's, without a single elementary or middle school being built in Vista. The immigrants who crashed the school system were mostly wealthy Caucasians.

Ex-Councilperson Cooke championed the big lie by saying "tax dollars are being hijacked from Shadowridge". But the fact is Shadowridge was built under a low fee umbrella, which stripped Vista's working class of many assets. Dumping 8,000 families broke the back of the school system and absorbed tens of millions of tax dollars paid into the system by workers living north of the Hwy 78 freeway...

All of this was done without a word from the "Latino Leadership" of Vista. In fact, the "Latino Leadership" of Vista consistently sabotages their own people by working against the school bond, charter school, and affordable housing.

In terms of jobs, the best the Council has done is promise to ask the rich man's development tenants to hire locally. There is nothing at all planned in the redevelopment area for working people...

My solution is to attack the problem at its source. Removing the tax money and the "strength of downtown" business support that feeds this fundamentally sick city agenda is the only effective option we have. Therefore we support a boycott of Downtown Vista, Lowe's, North County Ford, and the future businesses planned for the redevelopment area.

... The destruction of your school system has stolen respect and future earnings from every one of your children. Support this boycott and bring the City to the table.

Craig Heiller

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