March 29, 2002

Eligibility in the Local Context Boosts Enrollment at the University of California

The University of California’s two-year-old Eligibility in the Local Context program boosted enrollment in 2001 and provided opportunities to a greater number of deserving students in the program’s second year, according to a new university report. Approximately 2,065 new applications were received as a direct result of ELC in its first year.

Under ELC, the top four percent of students in each participating California high school’s graduating senior class are granted UC eligibility, based on their successful completion of specific college preparatory coursework.

In 2001, most of California’s high schools participated in ELC — 98 percent of public schools and more than 78 percent of private schools — and the number of applications grew by nearly 20 percent over the year before. The growth indicates that more students from rural and urban schools are pursuing a UC education. Application estimates at ELC schools also show strong gains for underrepresented students.

“The ELC program has been a success from the very beginning, with good cooperation from our colleagues in California’s high schools,” said UC Director of Undergraduate Admissions Carla Ferri. “Students increasingly view UC as their best educational option, especially in schools that traditionally send few students to UC.”

The ELC program was designed to increase the University of California’s presence in each California high school and extend UC eligibility to students with high academic accomplishments at schools that historically have sent few graduates to the university. By identifying the top students at each high school and recognizing their achievements, UC is fostering a college-going culture.

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