March 26, 2004

Congressman Bob Filner Recognizes Patricia Aguilar As Citizen of the Month

By Raymond R. Beltrán

51st District Congressman Bob Filner awarded Chula Vista community resident Patricia Aguilar with the Citizen of the Month Award Monday afternoon in front of Chula Vista City Hall.

“She was mostly well known in her professional life as the director of campus planning at the University of California, San Diego which she did until 1993,” said Congressman Filner to a group of Chula Vista residents at the award ceremony. “Since then, she’s been an independent financial advisor, but you all know her as a Chula Vista activist to keep the community going in a way which is compatible with what we want.”

Patricia Aguilar (left) accepts Citizen of the Month Award from Congressman Bob Filner. Photo by RRB.

Patricia Aguilar had previously joined the battle to save Friendship Park, a proposed sight for a new police station, with community group Citizens Focus and had been active in Citizen’s Against Retail Expansion (CARE) to oppose Vestar’s developmental proposals on H Street and Otay Lakes Road in Chula Vista.

“Most important is [that] she has joined Crossroads II,” said Filner. “She’s been active in speaking out on development and land issues.”

Aguilar is president of Crossroads II, a steering committee that focuses on development in the Bayfront area.

“This says ‘Certificate of Congressional Recognition to Patricia Aguilar’ when, really, it should say ‘Presented to Crossroads II,” said Aguilar in her acceptance speech. “Members of our steering committee deserve this as much as I do.”

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