March 25, 2005

Qué pasa with El Obispo Robert Brom denying John McCusker a Catholic Funeral just cause he is Gay and caters to the Gay community? Perhaps the Bishop forgets that if the church turns its back on all the Gays, there won’t be too many Priests around to say Mass! Este Indio thinks the Bishop struck out in order to show his flock that “he can be tough against Gays and Priests that molest little children.” Well, I hope so. But once they die its time to pray for God’s forgiveness. Aren’t we all sinners to one extent or another?

Pregunta: Every day we read of Mexicans, Latinos, & Chicanos, killing each other off with knives, guns, or with their cars or tools. Porque? Why do we hate each other so much? Do we have so much self-hatred? Be proud of what and who you are. Don’t buy into the propaganda that you are inferior. Take pride in your Raza!

And the winner is: Alex Montoya. Montoya was one of the many who submitted his California story to La Prensa San Diego as part of The California Council for the Humanities and the New California Media sponsored writing contest “California Stories.” Selected from those who entered the contest from throughout the state Montoya was the grand prize winner. The Grand Prize was for $1000! Who says it doesn’t pay to read La Prensa????

Problemas with the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College system! After six years of riding herd, on the duel campus Community College system in the East County, Chancellor Omero Suarez finds himself in the middle of a “pleito” between the Board of Trustees, The Grossmont College Academic Senate, and the Cuyamaca Administrators. The score: The Grossmont College Academic Senate gave Suarez a vote of no confidence! The Board of Trustees rejected the Vote of No Confidence and sided with Chancellor Omero Suarez. Meanwhile the Cuyamaca faculty opposes the Grossmont Faculty Senate, which is questioning the data that they generated to get more money for their campus at the expense of the Grossmont Campus. Somewhere in the mix is a lawsuit by the San Diego Board of Supervisors against the Board of Trustees who wants $12 million in road improvements for the Cuyamaca Campus to be paid by the County. Meanwhile there is poor old Chancellor Suarez in the middle taking pot shots from all sides. Hey, Guy, no one said your job would be easy!

Pregunta: Who wins a battle that pits a Right Wing Board of Trustees against an ultra left Academic Senate, at Grossmont, who is fighting against a more or less Liberal Administrator at Cuyamaca College, with a Mexican American Chancellor Omer Suarez in the middle! And, just what does the Board of Supervisors (All Right Wingers) have to do with any of this! Es el DINERO! MI GENTE, FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL !

Qué lástima. Se murió Eduardo “Lalo” Guerrero, one of our premier Mexican/Chicano Musicologist, this past week. We shall never forget Lalo, who was born December 24, 1916 in Tucson, Arizona. Unfortunately, he died on March 17, 2005 at the age of 88 in Palm Springs,California. Adios, que Dios lo bendiga.

Pearl Quiñones’ first trial balloon to run for the California Assembly got shot down. Now, she has floated another balloon. This one is about running for Mayor of National City. If true, this won’t sit well with Louie Natividad who has had his eye on becoming the next Alcalde de National City.

Qué pasó con Memorial Pool and the city staff. Seems that city is transferring the swimming coach, Fernando Gonzalez, presumably for not controlling the parents. No matter that Coach Gonzalez has enjoyed much success. Seems the pool staff is upset that Coach Gonzalez stood with the parents against prejudice. If you are not familiar with the story check out the March 4 edition of La Prensa for the story “Hecho en Memorial.” You can also find the story on the web at:

To those not on the “A” list, perhaps you’re not aware of the Annual César Chávez Commemorative Breakfast that will take place March 28th at 7:30am at the San Diego Convention Center. For tickets contact or “Caridad Sanchez”<>

Chao gente y have a nice Easter Weekend!

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