March 24, 2006

Chispas according to our Gente from OTNC seems like the Chota is going back to their “Bad Old Days” when they went around beating up our Gente with clubs, night sticks and, now and then, “what the hell,” took pot shots at them with their armas! But that mostly happened when the local Alcalde were all Gringos, La Placa was lily white, and La Gente had no voice. Pero, what’s the excuse for what is going on now? The Mayor (Inzunza) is a Halfer; The Jefe of La Placa is Mexican Amer. And the Chotas are multi-media! Yet they now appear to be aping, the good old days, of treating our Gente as if they were all “Illegal Aliens” and therefore fair game for their Batons, kicks and abuses! Reminds one of the good old days when all the Cops in San Diego County used our Gente as punching bags! Come on Adolfo (the National City Jefe of La Chota!) El Jefito de La Prensa getting mighty concerned.

El Jefito wants to thank Norma Cazares, President of The South Bay Forum, for picking up the gauntlet thrown out by Supervisor Bill Horn (who happens to be an “extreme Right Ringer) when he publicly insulted our Gente in his “State of the County Address 2006.” Ya saben, you know, who and what they are by their dichos! The silence from the rest of the County Supervisors was deafening!

Careful who you vote for to public office. Una cosa… you can KNOW who is a Racist by what they say and by what they do! Keep an OJO on the new “Super Mayor” and see who he surrounds himself with on his staff… Dime con quién andas Y TE DIRÉ QUIÉN ERES!

Pregunta… ¿Quién dijo?:

“We are aliens to no Country,
Nor are we aliens to any People on earth.
The world is our country
And all men are our countrymen.
It is true that by birth, we are all


But our minds are not so
Narrow, our vision not so pitifully small as
to regard as aliens or enemies those who
have been born under other skies.”

Dice el Jefito que la Gente; Professionals, Businessmen, Businesswomen, organization leaders, y siempre más, el pueblo is responding to our appeal for financial support. Notice our advertisement is increasing! Gracias, if el apoyo del pueblo fails, we can’t survive. Siempre, it takes mucho dinero to keep printing a newspaper. Este Indio no pudiera cruzar la Frontera to charlar with la gente!

Coincidence? I think not! Tezzy notes the lack of Hispanic representation amongst the Mayor Sanders’ top staff and lo and behold the mayor appoints Ted Martinez, Jr., to oversee the city’s libraries, parks and recreation programs. Martinez had been released by Chancellor Omar Suarez as president of Grossmont College.

Cuidado Gente, Tezozomoc receiving complaints from Raza workers that they are being ripped off their salaries that they earn working in the yards, gardens, home repairs, businesses by those that hire them! Their employers see them as Mexican aliens, so they rip them off after they have done the work. They are abused because they are Mexicans… Many of them live in Tijuana and commute every day, legally, to work. They aren’t too familiar of the laws that give them the right to sue their employers for failure to pay their wages! These folks are not illegal aliens but they are being abused by American citizens because they live in Tijuana legally and commute to their work place! Qué está pasando aquí….????

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