March 24, 2006

Math Field Day Shows That If You Can Divide, You Can Conquer

Math dynamo Rancho del Rey continued its winning streak at the Sweetwater District’s 6th Annual Math Field Day recently. Rancho del Rey’s 15-member team captured first place at the day-long event that brought together more than 200 students, parents and staff members from 10 of the district’s middle schools recently.

Winning Team: With a winning streak, the jubilant Rancho del Rey accepts the trophy on stage.

Each year seventh and eighth graders from Sweetwater middle schools compete in math challenges that require quick-thinking, accuracy and calm under pressure. Rancho del Rey Middle School hosted this year’s event.

Rancho del Rey’s team has placed in the top three slots for five of the six years of the contest. Second place was captured by EastLake Middle and third by Mar Vista Middle. Teams raced to meet the tasks of the competitions- Win, Lose or Draw, Tri-Team Attack, Math Wits, Math Bowl, Mad Hatter, 24 Challenge, Battleship, Equate and Math Revenge.

This districtwide event promotes math excellence through standards and skills practice and prepares students for the San Diego County Math Field Day competition to be held on May 20. The culminating activity, “Math Wits,” tests the top students from the day’s event. Eighth grader Eric Fonseca of National City Middle became the Math Wits Champion with the highest overall score from the day.

More than 40 medals were given to individual students and first, second and third place trophies to the schools with the highest team scores. Rancho Del Rey eighth grader Kain Pereda summed up the sentiment of several of the students, “I enjoyed working with my classmates and it was fun working with them.”

Julian Villalvazo, eighth grader from third-place Mar Vista Middle agreed, but said that “good training by your math teachers” was a key to good performance.

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