March 23, 2001



La Hermandad no longer La Hermandad. Founded in San Diego way long ago by members of Local 89 Laborers Union, all Mejicanos, plus a few Vatos like Herman Baca, Dan Munoz, Joe Alcoser, Phil Usquino, and and others. Among whom were Bert Corona. Parece that, since Bert died, his wife Angelina and Nativo Lopez have split La Hermandad in a power dispute. Sad very sad, that a righteous organization would die in this fashion.


Que está pasando with Ralph Inzunza (the councilman)? The Mayor endorsed him because "he supports my issues" he stated. The Union Trib. endorsed him because he supported the establishment. El Jefito opposed him because he supported the Gay community and never said a word about his people of the 8th Council District. Gotta say, his opposition to the so-called Ethics committee, where our good ole Irish Mayor would appoint most of the members, and his City Attorney would appoint one other, stunk to high-hell! Hurrumph..keep acting like this and el Jefito may get to like you. Ralphy!


Anyone else besides Mike Pallamary and Peter Navarro running for District 6, City Council seat? El Jefitos `In-Basket' mighty shy of publicity from all others! Anybody care out there?


Got to say, we see more of Vicente Fox than our "Color-Less, Corporate lover" Governor Gray Davis. Former Right-Winger Pete Wilson lost his bid for Prez for ignoring the huge Mexican-American vote and kissing up to the "Right-Wing Kooks". El Governor Gray Davis probably lost his re-election bid for selling out La Gente (white, black, brown, yellow and blue) for sucking up to the Corporate rip-off, con artists of the Gas & Electric Energy Mafias who are ripping us off!!


Nice to hear Senate Republican Lider Jim Brulte welcomed el Presidente de Mejico Vicente Fox on his recent visit. Too bad he hasn't seen fit to welcome Los Chingones of Califas: "Los Mexicanos' who are the 50,000 strong, tequila swilling Chicano liders of Califas. They're up for grabs..What with Gray Davis ignoring them and most Republicans still not knowing how to eat tamales or rub sombreros with Chicano politicos...Should be fun next year!!


Irish Dick Murphy patronized the Asian-Pacific Islanders by appointing (read co-opting) the most ignored members of our community leaders, Filipinos, Koreans, Pan Asians, Chinese, to his symbolic Advisory Board. Psssst Mayor, we don't just like to advise, we need the power to make changes in this bankrupt society of ours. Remember the Patricio Battalion they put their Irish heritage where it counted.

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