March 23, 2001

Every Worker Is An Organizer — Farm Labor and the Resurgence of the United Workers

Exhibition — 58 photographs documenting farm labor in California and the activity of the United Farm Workers over the past decade. Images document the living and working conditions of field laborers throughout California. They explore the four-year campaign of the UFW among Watson-ville strawberry workers, the strike at D'Arrigo Brothers Produce Co. in Salinas, and the month-long march from Delano to Sacramento, in which the union renewed its commitment to organizing in the fields.

The Oakland Museum of California, History Special Gallery, 1000 Oak St. Oakland, CA 94607 will host David Bacon's "Every Worker Is An Organizer" exhibiton, March 30-August 26, 2001.

On Sunday, April 1 a special event to open the exhibition and celebrate Cesar Chavez' birthday, the first year it is being celebrated as a state holiday in California.

"David Bacon's moving exhibit is more than an important photo documentary of recent United Farm Workers history. His pictures put a human face on the union's story. They remind all of us that these events are much more than a battle between labor and management. At stake are the hopes for a better life kept alive by thousands of the most exploited working men and women in America.

"These images are the product of a writer and photographer who has consistently been there during the most difficult moments in the recent life of the UFW. While offering a unique view to the outside world, they also reflect one person's personal commitment to the movement." Arturo S. Rodriguez, President United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO.

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