Volume XXV Number 12 March 23, 2001

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UCSD Chancellor Builds Community Ties In San Ysidro With ... Legos

By Yvette tenBerge

As part of a UCSD-sponsored science enrichment program, University Chancellor and physicist Robert C. Dynes joined 20 excited third grade girls at Smythe Elementary School in San Ysidro Wednesday morning to participate in a physics lesson taught with Legos.

Chancellor Dynes helps (left to right) Ruby Rodriguez,(8 years old), Jhaime Charles (9 years old) and Sheila Barowie (8years old) create a Lego model.

Chancellor Dynes took his small, plastic seat next to a group of eight and nine year-olds, plunged his hands into a tub filled with Legos and began a journey with his new classmates into a lesson on levers, gears and pulleys. The event was to help commemorate the University's 40th anniversary as well as to highlight its theme of "giving back to the community."

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New Congressional Hispanic Caucus chairman faces test of leadership skills
By Christopher Lee
— Silvestre Reyes easily could have angered the very people he was trying to protect.

President Bush Addresses Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
President Bush spoke before the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Monday, March 19th covering a range of topics such as his proposed budget, Social Security and Medicare. Below are excerpts from his speech outlining the ways in which he believes his proposed tax cuts will benefit Hispanic business owners. He also confirmed his commitment to free trade with Mexico.

"SPANGLISH" Advancing with Speed and Movida
By Leticia Hernandez-Linares
Spanglish, once frowned upon for the same reasons that have motivated English-only efforts, is more and more recognized in its own right. It is no longer an illegitimate specter hovering over "pure" English and Spanish.

Noticias de México...
Analiza posible candidatura
Deja Rivas al PRI; "coquetea" al PRD
Francisco Xavier Rivas Martínez, ex candidato del PRI a la Alcaldía local, renunció a su militancia priísta y analiza la posibilidad de buscar el mismo cargo abanderado por el PRD.


El Plan de Salud Del Presidente Bush Requiere Una Medicina Más Fuerte
La Conferencia de la Asociación Nacional de Médicos Hispanos prescribe cuidados
completos para fomentar el crecimiento de familias hispanas saludables
WASHINGTON - El plan del presidente Bush de incrementar financiación para centros de salud comunitarios se extiende a muchos hispanos y a los pobres. Todavía quedan a la zaga muchos trabajadores hispanos productivos que carecen de seguro de salud, acceso a hospitales u otros tipos de cuidados especializados, o que no tienen siquiera contacto con un médico que hable español, informó la Dra. Elena Ríos, presidenta de la Asociación Nacional de Médicos Hispanos.

President Bush's Health Plan Needs Stronger Medicine
National Hispanic Medical Association Conference Prescribes Comprehensive Care
To Build Healthy Hispanic Families
WASHINGTON — President Bush's plan to increase funding for community health centers reaches out to many Hispanics and the poor. Still left behind, though, are many hard-working Hispanics who have no health insurance, access to hospitals or other specialized care or even a Spanish-speaking doctor they can turn to, said Dr. Elena Rios, president of the National Hispanic Medical Association.

Asthma Mysteriously Hits Record Number of Fresno Valley Children
EDITOR'S NOTE: Increases in the incidence of asthma among inner- city residents, especially young children, have brought considerable media and medical attention. But in California's San Joaquin Valley, kids in the small towns are showing symptoms of asthma in extraordinary numbers, and no one is quite sure why.
By Mary Jo McConahay
— Cozette Grauth carries an inhaler, likes to sleep with a fan going even when it's cold, and drives her father crazy when she forgets to tell him she has run out of asthma medicine.

Carlsbad Sisters Make History With The Barrio Museum
By Yvette tenBerge
Lola's 7-Up Mexican Market and Deli, located on the corner of Roosevelt Street and Walnut Avenue in Carlsbad, pulsates with the sounds of community life this Monday morning as it has on virtually every weekday morning since it was first opened by the Jauregui family in 1943. Sunlight beams into the store through propped-opened glass doors, and Mariachi music serves as a backdrop for the lively sounds of conversation and cooking coming from within.

Minority Institutions Kept As Part of Mainstream Education Committee
Joint Statement by Chairman John Boehner and Ranking Member George Miller
WASHINGTON — The bipartisan leadership of the House Education and the Workforce Committee today (March 15) resolved the disagreement over subcommittee jurisdictions, said Chairman John Boehner (R-OH) and senior Democratic member George Miller (D-CA).

Augustine Gallego Named Chair of San Diego Dialogue
San Diego Dialogue is pleased to announce that Augustine Gallego, Chancellor of the San Diego Community College District, has been selected Chair of the organization.

Se Anunció Importante Esfuerzo Para Contratar Maestros Se Abren Centros
Regionales de Contratación Para Asistir a Maestros
La Secretaria de Educación Kerry Mazzoni anunció hoy la apertura oficial de seis centros regionales para la contratación de maestros como parte del enérgico e innovador plan del Gobernador para reducir la falta de maestros en California.

César Chávez Elementary Honors the Memory of It's Namesake
César Chávez Elementary, 1404 S. 40th St. San Diego, Ca. 92113, is honoring the memory of César Chávez on Friday March 30th, 2001.

César Chávez Celebration to be Presented During April at UCSD
A month-long roster of diverse activities to celebrate the life and contributions of César Chávez —described in one biography title as Conquering Goliath— will be held in varying venues during April at the University of California, San Diego. Celebration activities follow directly on the heels of the March 31 César Chávez state holiday, observed in California this year for the first time.

Chávez Granddaughter to Help Cal State San Marcos Celebrate
On March 28, California State University San Marcos will celebrate the life and legacy of César Chávez, founder of the United Farm Workers Union. Among those taking part in the daylong celebration is Natalie Hernandez, freshman liberal studies major at Cal State San Marcos and a granddaughter of César Chávez. The events include exhibits, films, dancers, guest speakers, and a candlelight vigil. California is the first state to honor Chávez with a holiday under a bill signed by Gov. Gray Davis, but Cal State Marcos has been honoring Chávez's legacy for the past four years.

Every Worker Is An Organizer — Farm Labor and the Resurgence of the United

Exhibition — 58 photographs documenting farm labor in California and the activity of the United Farm Workers over the past decade. Images document the living and working conditions of field laborers throughout California.

Coalition of Neighborhood Councils Hosts Community Strengthening Celebration
The Coalition of Neighborhood Councils (CNC) is hosting a free, community-wide picnic to help neighbors meet neighbors on Saturday, March 31 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at Martin Luther King Park, 6401 Skyline Dr.

It's Time For San Diegans To Get Up and Get Healthy!
"Get Up! San Diego" Event in South Bay March 31 Encourages People to
Exercise, Eat Right
The arrival of spring is a great time to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Impulsar Las Bellas Artes La Encomienda de "Acorde"
Por: Paco Zavala.
La organización Cultural Independiente "ACORDE, A. C", está formada y dedicada a impulsar el desarrollo de las bellas artes en el área del noroeste del país, su base se encuentra en Tijuana en Calle Nogal No. 10921 en la Colonia Chapultepec 9a Sección.

Encienda Una Vela
Mons. Jim Lisante
Increiblemente Unicos
Las investigaciones científicas sobre las características prenatales están revelando datos fascinantes sobre el desarrollo inicial del ser humano. Uno de ellos es la impresión digital. Parece que alrededor de la octava semana de ser concebido, cada individuo ya tiene su propia impresión digital, única, distinta de los demás seres de la tierra. Desde el verdadero principio somos increíblemente únicos.


Stevens Mixes Metaphors

The often misguided Councilman George Stevens once again let his emotions take control of his thinking processes when he recently proposed that the City of San Diego discontinue the use of the term "minority" in reference to different ethnic groups. One has to wonder how Mr. Stevens thinks minority is a racist word or term?

Bush Tax Cut at the Expense of Retirees and Medicare?
By Robert H. Linnell
In discussing government debt there has been confusion of terms leading to manipulation by politicians and pundits of all stripes.

La Hermandad no longer La Hermandad. Founded in San Diego way long ago by members of Local 89 Laborers Union, all Mejicanos, plus a few Vatos like Herman Baca, Dan Munoz, Joe Alcoser, Phil Usquino, and and others. Among whom were Bert Corona. Parece that, since Bert died, his wife Angelina and Nativo Lopez have split La Hermandad in a power dispute. Sad very sad, that a righteous organization would die in this fashion.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

presentará Lectura de poesía
El "Taller del mar" nació, espontáneamente, de reuniones entre aficionados del quehacer poético que se juntan a lo largo de la costa del Pacífico en la región de San Diego. Nos gusta la poesía, y nos gusta la lengua castellana, así que leemos juntos en español poemas que admiramos o que escribimos en este idioma, o que traducimos de otras lenguas según lo determinan las fuerzas oscuras del subconsciente.

Alza Tu Vuelo, en el Mercado del CD
Por: Paco Zavala.
Alza tu vuelo, es el título de una nueva canción de la compositora Martha Qui de Zamorano, que ha sido colocada en el mercado el pasado 16 de marzo. Esta es una obra que pertenece al género ranchero; imprime en su contenido la riqueza y la nostalgia de la poesía musicalizada de los temas netamente de carácter campirano del México de siempre. Esta es una canción que se grabó en los estudios de Ernesto Javier, talentoso valor tijuanense que se dedica a los menesteres de la grabación en su estudio ubicado en Tijuana.

Anuncia Sus Proyectos, el Teatro Hispano de San Diego
Por Paco Zavala
Jesús Sierra Oliva, miembro activo de "Máscara Mágica Theatre", artista y escritor de la localidad, solicita su apoyo y permiso para ayudar a presentar ante el público amante de las Bellas Artes, dentro de las que se incluye al teatro, el Primer Festival Hispano del Teatro que se llevará a efecto posiblemente, si las cosas continúan por el rumbo que se ha trazado durante el transcurso del próximo mes de Mayo ó en el mejor de los casos durante el mes de septiembre próximo, durante la celebración de las Festividades de Independencia y Mexicanas. Este festival teatral lo auspicia MAAC Proyecto Community Productions.

En Escenarios
Por Arnoldo Varona
* * * Las reinas del pop Madonna, Christina y Britney ya tienen competencia. Nuevas candidatas al popular título se abren paso en preferencia y gusto musical juvenil a todo lo largo de Estados Unidos y Canada. Sus nombres: Lisa Roxanna, una cantante de solo 14 años que comienza ya a ocupar especial posición en el mundo del espectáculo, la vibrante Maika Watson y la sensacional Mikaila Dominique Enriquez, una joven cantante educada en Dallas, Texas que mezcla en sus presentaciones la fuerte voz de Celine Dion y el atractivo de Britney Spears.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
Cold Sassy Tree
American composer Carlisle Floyd's new opera, Cold Sassy Tree, his first comic work and one which he says may be his last, make its premiere at the San Diego Opera, Civic Center Plaza, 1200 Third Ave, downtown San Diego.

San Diego Bay Comes Alive in April
Need a rescue from your routine? Head to San Diego Bay Days in April for the largest celebration in the Bay's history.

"SPY KIDS" A film by Robert Rodriguez
Top international super-spies Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez, thought to have retired in order to raise a family, have resurfaced - and been nabbed by the enemy.

Americans Shine Brightly at Indian Wells Tennis Master Series
By J. Fred Sidhu
Indian Wells, Ca.
- What a difference a year makes.

Copa Mundial del Año 2002 Las Eliminatorias Sudamericanas
Perspectiva General de la Competición y Cobertura Televisiva en Los Estados Unidos
Copa Mundial
, auspiciada por la Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), es el evento deportivo más popular en el mundo.

ESPN to Offer Spanish-Language Telecasts of MLB and NFL Games
ESPN Deportes Debuts April 1 With Texas/Toronto
On April 1, ESPN will launch ESPN Deportes, a 52-week block of exclusive Spanish-language Sunday night sports programming.

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