March 22, 2002


Las elecciones passed... Wassup Gente?? En Tejas, the Gringos from the Democratic party stayed home. The toro-poppo is: they didn't like the Democratic candidates... Both were RAZA. Tony Sanchez won the Democratic vote for Governor with all the Texan Longhorn crowd coming out to vote for him. Morales also ran. It took $20 million Texan double Eagles to get the Raza vote out, plus barrels and barrels of cerveza and tons of hot Texas Chili! Sanchez will face the Republican candidate.

La Prensa San Diego showed a little muscle in the local races. We threw ourselves behind Jeff Lee in the San Diego Unified School District Board race. The teachers Union and the Chamber of Commerce supported the other guy. He lost! In the Chula Vista Mayoral Race, El Jefe threw our weight behind Mary Salas. She drew enough votes to come out on top, but not the 50% plus 1 to win outright. The other candidate Padilla got all the Republican/developer/COP vote and drew less than Salas! In the general all the Democrats will come out. We predict a landslide by Mary Salas!

Bob Griego got no support from La Prensa and came in a miserable 3rd, and he's out of the race for City Council. El Jefe got behind McCann and pushed him over for the Council seat in Chula Vista.

Luis Natividad was invited to the Cat Fish Club. Blacks at the Club noted that some in the Hispanic community don't consider Luis a leader. The buzz is that some of Luis's boys accused La Prensa of spreading this sentiment... Sorry Vatos... When we have something to say, we say it every Friday in print. If we have something to tell Luis, we'll tell him up front.

Speaking of leaders... it seems the Inzunza boys are on the opposite side of the fence. The San Diego Inzunza is naming a Barrio Logan street after César Chávez, declaring this a great day for the community. Meanwhile, when National City's Mayor Waters proposed the same renaming idea for a community center, the other Inzunza stated that this was a bunch of bull - National City's Hispanics need substantive action, not platitudes. Well, one of them got it right. Guess who's been reading La Prensa?

Bill Simon's in the race of his life. The wanna-be Governor showed his colors. Simon turned his back on Charlene Zettel, a Chicana from East L.A. and a two-term Assembly Member representing Poway (a middle of the road Republican). Simon supported an extreme Right-Winger, Dennis Hollingsworth, and campaigned for him against one of our own Raza. She lost. Gra-cias Simon. As it is, Republicans hardly have any Mexican American-Latinos in office. So alerta, that boy Simon now making a political commercial - all in Spanish - to air on Univisión starting March 23rd, to attract Hispanic voters. Don't believe a word he says ... He's in bed with Pete Wilson and all the rest of the Right-Wing kooks.

Hillary Clinton looking good in the polls. According to Zogby poll, Hillary is quickly closing the gap on Al Gore for the 2004 Democratic nomination for President! Guess why Tipper Gore decided not to run for Senator of Tennessee and her husband Al Gore shaved his Yuppi beard... The race is on!!!

Supt. Alan Bersin and the Blueprint for Success is in real deep doo-doo. La Jolla High School wants out, Sherman Elementary wants out, Scripps Ranch parents are disgusted. Whatever the vision was when Bersin came onboard, it's quickly disintegrating. The district is spinning like a top, trying to control the perception that the Blueprint is a failure. The writing is on the wall... It's now just a matter of time.


EL JEFE had a little junta with a couple of Sydro business types... Looks like a lot of pain going on in Sydro. La Prensa may take a look at what is going on over there. The city doesn't seem to be doing much for them in the current economic crisis. Of course, with Murph and the boys spending all the city money on ball fields, there doesn't seem to be much dinero to help the working class. Free tickets to the PADRES game won't do much for them. Wonder what their Councilman Ralph Inzunza's doing about it??? Might be a street or two in Sydro that he could get the city to name after a starving child.

¡Hasta la otra y no se dejen!

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